Dec 25, 2012


What's wrong with this Wonka Whoop online shop. She's accusing me of taking a picture from her shop. i took that England photos from another online shop who sells the same kinds of stuff that she has because I'm a reseller from that online shop. She wrote a bad post about me and my 2 pages. WTH?! I don't have any problem with her.

She was so rude. First she PM and told me to delete those album so I told her that I didn't took those photos from her and started to make a big deal from this and post a really bad news about me. So I blocked her because I don't want any drama with her. I never sell any kinds of stationery, so this is my first time and she just claimed me that my online shop is fake is not real and I'm only trying to trick people for their money. Bitch please! I only open this online shop only to help my elder sister to sell her stuff. I don't need to trick people for their money because I already have my own money. So me and my BF report this post and comments because it's start to bother me a lot. If you can please help report this problems. So I can move on with my life. To straight things up my BF PM her and told her that I only sells branded stuff and this is my first time selling stationery. He told her that this is a misunderstanding and that the photos are not hers. She said that I "stole" a lot of photos from other online shops. Well let me explain this to you that most of my photos are from my sister online shop Little Angie. So why does she says things like that if she doesn't even know where my photos from. Please help me report her because this is terrible. She's ruining my business and my blog page.. :(


  1. wew kasar banget tuh... tapi sebaiknya klo masalah gini harus dibicarakan secara baik2.. klo kmu ngebalas dia.. tak akan menyelesaikan masalah..

    1. I know jd aq ngmg ma dia brsan aq PM, kalo foto" it dr ol shop laen bkn dr dia n ini smuanya itu misunderstanding. Soale dia kira aq mw nyuri customer dia.. =.=


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