Dec 22, 2012

Oh My Lady!

Yesterday me and my family went to TP to get some refreshing scenery at the mall. Try to lift up the holiday spirit mood by buying presents for each other and bla bla bla etc...  It was so crowded there, I guess everyone're taking a break from their work, and also it's because it's holiday seasons.

 Top and Tank Top - Zara | Shorts - Marciano | Shoes - Raoul | Bag - BEBE | Rings - Thailand

My sister-in-law thought that these rings are attached but it's not. I just put both of them together because I think they match each other and this is going to be the newest trend. Just wait and see.. XD

Camwhoring in restroom 

My 11th red cup from Starbucks, I ordered Signature Hot Chocolate with non-fat milk (as usual)

I guess I never mention to anyone that I'm addicted to Starbucks because of the unique taste I guess. I love how they brewed their milk it's so cool.. *slapped* I always love how they change their cup according to the holiday. I wish they would make their delicious bagel sandwich again *sobbed* Yesterday was a shopping spree for me, cause I bought a new heels and a clutch from ALDO. I'm Glad I found a clutch that has a neutral colour.

 Try to look like an innocent Japanese girl >.<" I think I nailed it

Camwhoring with my new sock bunny 

Gyaaaa~ I look so cute aren't I? Hehe *slapped* So anyway I'm trying to plan my sweet 17 party right now because it's only 2 months away and I haven't do anything about it. *panic* But it's okay, everything are under control, I need to put myself together, and stay calm (I hope). The good news is I already decide on the theme and that is................. *drum roll*

 LONDON...!! That's right boys and girls, London is coming to town on 16 of February 2013. *cheer* I'm going to hold my Birthday at Jamoo Buffet Shangrila so that's a good news cause I'm going to rent the whole place only for my party and I think I'm going to hold a contest for anyone who're living in Indonesia and it involve handmade stuff. So you've guess it, it's going to be a D.I.Y contest. I think I'm going to hold this contest from 24th of December 2012 until 14th of February 2013. ^^

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  1. cincinnya lucu banget <3
    kamu juga kelihatan cute (:

    oh happy xmas and bday yeah ^^

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