Oct 2, 2012

Lip Tattoos?!

Have you guys ever heard of lip tatoos?? It's so weird at first but after I tried it, it looks really cool. But of course you can't wear them when you're hanging out at the mall cause you will look like a freak at the mall. So I suggest wearing them at a special event only. I bought one of the lip tatoos at Violent Lips, they sell the best tatoos ever and really cool too.

                                                                         Click here
These tatoos includes glitter, animal patterns, etc. It's cheap too, but the results are 100% AWESOME. It's a shame that the store is just open in Singapore not in Indonesia, so I have to buy it when I'm at Singapore.

Sheer Blouses

These are all my fave blouses and it also looks great with denim shorts or floral pants. You can always wear it in FALL, with your fave skinny jeans and your boots. I guaranteed you'll look a thousand times better.

3. H&M

Crazy 4 Chanel

I spotted this chanel boots here. The price is really expensive so it makes me think twice to buy or not.. What do you think? Should I buy it or not?? I bet enyone who wear these will look really cute if you pair it with a LBD (Little Black Dress) or maybe a casual look with a basic tank top and black shorts.. Love it..

The next big fashion event..

It's the next fashion show here in SURABAYA.. Just can't wait to see it. ^^
I haven't post any of my Fashion pics of myself yet.. and I'm sorry about that :( because of my condition I couldn't get up from my bed since yesterday. I hope y'all enjoy my blog and I"ll try to post some of my pics ASAP.. Bye Lil'Angels
Mouse In Chery Martini