Jun 15, 2013

Review : FAFI for MAC Fun 'n' Sexy Lipstick

Summer is finally here all right. I've been waiting for this for a long time. It's time to put your drinks up and party on galz!!! Of course holiday is also here, my favourite word of all time "HOLIDAY". So because it's summer and all MAC is launching their new product, FAFI for MAC. It's a limited edition one and the packaging is designed by French artist Fafi. The collection consists of an array vibrant color, bold shades that'll be sure to please all make up adventurer. So I got mine from my sister because she bought it and didn't like it because of the vibrant colour because it's too tacky. Well I've guess, so that's why I volunteered myself to have this lipstick because of the bold colour of course!

❤ Cute Packing

Jun 9, 2013

Review : TONY MOLY Help Me Lip Balm

My BF bought me this lip balm for our 22 months anniversary gift. I've never heard about this lip balm before so this will be my first time EVER trying out Tony Moly products. So my first impression of this lip balm is "What an interesting name?". Honestly I thought it was a treatment for dry-flakey-lips type because of the name HELP Me... So I didn't think I needed one of those and also I was kinda furious at my BF for buying something like this (especially because I don't have a dry lips). Ahem.............................

Useful description behind it. Psstt... this is how you turn on the alarm, girls.

Cute Round Package..
The outer packaging is very simple nothing special about it, it's only made from plastic and have the usual shape like the others lip balm. The one that caught my eyes is the round-pink-jar. So cute and also it has a hot pink colour which I love.

Super love the eye-catching vibrant colour. Especially the font of the HELP ME, uber cute. And also there's a drawing of a small megaphone and a lips which is also cute. Super PERFECT to be the first aid kit lip balm.

Ring The Alarm!
There's one special thing about this lip balm that separates it from the other lip balms and that's............ it has an alarm of it owns. The keychain here isn't permanently attach to it, actually it's the key to ring the noisy alarm.

So after you pull the keychain you'll hear this really really really super LOUD noise. It's like the sounds of the police's car but much more terrifying all right. You could even scared a cat with it ; believe me I've tried. The noise is really loud that I couldn't even took this photo in one shot. It just mess up my brain and I think I was deaf for a moment there. Good thing it doesn't give me any permanently damage to my ears. =.=

Here's the source of that dreadful loud noise!

So what if I pull it over and over and over again until the batteries runs out? Well sorry to say but I can't help you with that. My advice is to buy another lip balm if you miss the sound that much. Because I don't think you can actually change the batteries, because there's no access to get there. If you really want to change it, I guess you have to tear this lip balm apart but don't really do that! Because it's juat an opinion not an actual fact.

It Gives a Lots of Benefits
After you open the "cap" of the jar you will see a white colour separator made from plastic. After you took that off you'll see that the lip balm has a milky colour but after you applied it, it'll become transparent. Mine is the #1 and I guess the #2 has a pink colour lip balm which gives a lovely pink lips colour.

Just because it's small and adorkable doesn't mean it doesn't has any benefits. You'll be surprise when I told you that this little lip balm has a lots of benefits. For those who hate greasy lip balm well this is perfect for you because it's 100% non-greasy and also moisturise your lips really well. It can makes your lips less dry and make it more softer. So for those who has a boyfriend and want to to "make-a-move", this lip balm is perfect because when your lips touch his he'll think "OMG! Her lips is so soft like a pillow". So try to make your move girls and don't worry about chopped lips anymore. Also another benefit from it that it makes your lipstick last longer. So just apply this with your finger on your lips and just apply your lipstick on top of it. Believe me it works. (L-Men quotes ^^)

Can You Say Cheap???
Just because it comes in cute jar and has a loud alarm, doesn't mean it's expensive. It's actually cheap. Thee retail price of it is around $10. So I guess it's cheap for a lip balm with so many advantage.

Use It As a Keychain
This lip balm is also useful for those who loves travelling because this little thing doesn't need any space in your bag. You can always hang it on your bag and use it as a keychain. It's very practical because you don't need to search your bag to find it and also it looks cute.

Lack Of Hygiene? :o
The only down side of this product is that you have to use your finger to apply it. It's really gross because you have to dip your finger in it twice maybe and that's so not cool. But if you use a brush to apply it, I'm afraid it's going to ruin the surface of the lip balm. But if you use your finger like immediately without washing it first, you could catch a germs or something from it. Grrr.... it make my hair stands up just to think of it =.=

4 / 5

For now I love this lip balm and I think this is better than EOS lip balm that I reviewed just a few days ago. It has a great small jar which is practical to carry around and also it moisturise your lips perfectly. It's very cheap too.. Not to forget if someone tries to steal your bag don't forget to pull the keychain to ring the alarm. I'd have to try that ASAP on my friend Udin. Can't wait to see his face.
Jun 5, 2013

Review : EOS Lip Balm Sphere

Sorry for my long absent guys because I've been very busy taking care of my online shop and also helping my BF to get back in shape to get reaady to compete in the annual POPMA competition which is like the olympic games but it's only held in my school. So it's close. ^^

Photo credit via google

So today I'm going to do a review about EOS lip balm. I bought the Summer Fruit and Strawberry Sorbet one, well I was planning to buy the sweet mint but they ran out of those so I changed it to Strawberry Sorbet. FYI, the sweet vanilla, blueberry potion, and watermelon wonderland is from the EOS lip balm Alice In Wonderland series and I've been searching for them but I haven't found it at any local online shop I know. That really really sucks.. =.=

❤ Egg Shape?
One thing that caught my eyes at first is the egg shape. It's very cute, unique, and also it's really easy to find it in your bag because of the round shape. So CUTE..^^ Also the colour of these little lip balm is very vibrant.

Okay I must admit I'm a sucker for these lip balms. Well you know me I never search any product first if I want it. So I just buy it and if the results is bad I usually just left it on my drawer (It's a bad habit). So that's why I just bought these because of the cute shape not because it has a good review and stuff because I rarely read any review. But you know what I don't regret buying these because the shape is totally CUTE!!!

That's right girls these babies are 100% NATURAL and it's 95% organic. So we could know for sure that it doesn't contains any dangerous chemical. But for me I don't really care about the ingredients of it or if it's natural or not. I buy anything that looks appeal to me and also other products that are very recommended by everyone too..

❤ It's Very Cheap
That's right y'all.. Beside the cuteness of the shape and 100% natural I would like to announce to you that these lip balm are very cheap.. The retail price for it is only $3.99 and it is easy to find in any drug store (in USA of course). Well it was kinda hard to find an online shop that sell these with a really cheap price. I got these for IDR 55.000 each at a local online shop. Of course they already ran out of the sweet mint.. T.T So sad. But some online shop I found sell this for over IDR 100.000 and I think that's crazy! That's too damn expensive (says the girl who never think before buying anything). Trust me girls if you ever find anyone sell this over IDR 100.000 then they're freakin nuts. Also don't worry girls just because it's cheap doesn't meant the flavors are cheap too. Because it doesn't it's very great and alsoo not to over powering. I tried to search for it on Sephora website but they don't sell EOS, so it's a shame because I've been looking for the Alice In Wonderland series.

✖ Moisturise Much?
The cons of these lip balms is that it doesn't moisturise my lips. It wears off quickly (like in 15 minutes or so) and also it doesn't change after I applied it 10 applications per day. So I have to use it again and again and again. It's so not practical. So it's such a waste to apply it again and again because it doesn't change.

✖ What Happen If You're Already Halfway? 
Well out of curiosity I search for it. I was curious what will it look like if I already halfway of this product or maybe how does it ran out.

Image credit via google

And this is how it looks like after you're done using all of it. At first I thought it was a different kind of EOS lip balm because honestly it does looks like Manggis an Indonesian fruit you know. So I was surprised to know that this product is only half filled. Maybe that's why it's very cheap I guess. So after you get to this stage I suggest you apply it by your fingger because I think it's painful to use that directly on your lips.

4 / 5

I think I will repurchase this because I love the shape and the smell of it. It's perfect for me to use it as a daily basis. I could use this to school too because it doesn't make me looks like I have applied any lip balm on. So it's just the perfect kind of lip balm for and of course it's cheap.. ^^
May 31, 2013

The winner....

So the winner has been chosen and it is...... *drum roll*


I want to say congratulations to our winner for this giveaway. I've sent you an email and please reply this email ASAP. You have 2 days to reply it and if not I will have to choose another winner. 

For those who haven't won this giveaway, it's okay guys because I'll be holding another giveaway soon. What's the prize? Hmm.. It's a secret of course ^^ But I'm sure y'all going to love it.. Thank you for participating... *kiss*
May 22, 2013

Review : Harajuku Lovers "Wicked Style" Perfume

I guess this perfume is already launched about 2 years ago in 2011 if I'm not wrong. But I got this perfume just last year when I went to Singapore. So this perfume was launched on Autumn 2011 by Gwen Stefani and I think she called it "Wicked Style" because she wanted to show her dedication to Tokyo's wild fashion. Wow. Can't argue with that can't we?

Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style Music is a floral woody fragrance with apple notes, juicy fruits, bergamot, jasmine, gardenia, fuchsia, peony, cedar, musk, and amber. This one is inspired by the Japanese rock musicians and eccentric style with bright make up and colourful clothes. The nose behind this little girl is Adriana Medina.

❤ The Uber Cute Hot Pink Box

Descriptions of the mascot "Music"

Super love the cute hot pink box from this fragrance, it actually comes in different colour for each perfumes. So there's a yellow one and I think there's also the red one. Hmmm... I forgot about that. Anyway I think this box is great for those who loves collecting cute stuff and also it has all of the description for this perfume. Talk about cute and full of information. ^^

❤ Collectable Bottle
This edgy perfume also known as the super cute bottle. It's inspired by the Japanese girls of Harajuku and it comes in different bottles too.. So cute.. So perfect to be collected and be put on my make up table.

So you can also collect the figure only if you think that the bottle is not important. You can just pull it off and make it as a decor in your room .. PERFECT~

❤ The Smell Is Addictive 
The first time I sprayed this perfume on, all I can think about is fruits. That's right the smell is so fruity with a blend of flowery scents. It's fresh, playful, and so perfect for Summer. Which reminds me that Summer is just around the corner. So I guess I should be wearing this perfume anywhere I go now.. Hehe

✖ Last Long? Nope.. :(
That's right girls this little cutie here doesn't last that long. I've sprayed mine just 4 hours ago and I can't smell the scent any more. Which means I need to carry this anywhere I go if I want to smell good all the time. So not practical.

✖ Need More Perfume? 
This perfume is the large one. There's actually the smaller size but I bought the biggest one. You know what this contains too little perfume for a large size bottle. Also the price is so expensive that I think I will be using this little by little from now on. :(

3 / 5

Maybe I won't be buying this anymore because it's so expensive and also there are a lots of better and cheaper brands of perfume I can get. But the smell though is really good and addictive makes me want more. My BF also said that the smell is very fresh and so perfect for the fun flirty type of girls.
Mouse In Chery Martini