Dec 31, 2012

3:18:45 To New Year

Guess there's only 3 hours left till new year. It's kinda sad you know that you're getting older and older. But time will not wait for any man or woman as they said.

Top - Cool Teens | Vest & Jeans - Guess | Sneakers - DC | Bag - COACH Poppy | Ring - Accessorize 

Sorry for the blurry photo because my cousin can't take a good picture without making it blur. So it's frustrating to take it over and over and over again. So today me and family went to GM to have lunch at Thaivillage (also my favourite restaurant). It was a lot of fun, it's great that we a time to spend as a whole family. Other good news is tonight at 12 o'clock, my brother will turn 31. Yeeeyyy!! *cheer*

Me and my cute nephew , Angelo

Me and my annoying niece , Angie

Finally me and my cousin , Dhea

After a long and exhausting stroll around the mall we took a rest at Bakerzin. Of course I ordered my usual treat and that is Sour Cherry Flan. I'm in love with it cause it's delicous. *yummy*

 My sour cherry flan

 My cousin's New York cheese cake

My hot chocolate, look how cute it is? ^^

So I also did some shopping too you know at New Look, love the stuff they sold there just love it..^^ I bought a pair of shoes and a chain ring.

 My new studded shoes..!! Finally..

So here's a bad news, I will not be doing a HAUL post this month. Because of my over buy stuff, I just can't take a picture of everything of them cause I bought around 20 or maybe more stuff this month. I might do it if I got chance maybe tomorrow or the next day after that. I'll try to post my December Haul. So be ready girls for the craziest HAUL post in your life. Well that's enough now and I'm sorry if I have any mistake through out this year. I hope I'll be better next year.

Vella said..........................

Happy New Year's Eve Everyone..!!
                                 GBU :)

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  1. Happy new year! Wish you all the best for 2013.
    Nail nya lucu banget, <3


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