Dec 19, 2012

EPIC Time..!!

Well I never mention about EPIC since I made this blog right? I think it's time to introduce you my "family" and that's EPIC. We're fun, loud, creative, and we're BFF. Even though we're an out caster, we still have each others back. That's what makes us special and I love my EPIC family. ^^

Last Monday on 17/12/2012, we went to TP to bought some T-shirts to wear to the Zoo the day after that. Of course it was a crazy day. We went from 12 p.m. until 7 p.m. and of course I went home with bunch of stuff and an empty wallet. :'( *sobbed*

Me at Top Noodle with my BF >.<

EPIC at Goota

So I've decided to go with the Rebel outfit and I want to thank Zy for helping chose my outfit. Thanks! So continue with the story, we decided to buy matching T-shirts at Giordano. You know what, we spent hours in Giordano trying out different V neck Tees until we found the right one. But I guess it's a lot of fun too cause I went home with a free suitcase from Giordano. Yeeeyy.. Because we spent IDR 2.150.000 and I decide to but 1 V neck and 2 Polos there so I get the suitcase. Thanks guys XD

 Snacks I bought from Hero

 Giordano T-shirt and Polos

The free suitcase from Giordano

Photos Credit : my BF, Ian ^^


  1. seems like u had a great time with ur Epic Family :D the outfit really suit u well^^

  2. Wowwww!! *_* you look so pretty~! glad you had a great time!
    andddd omg next week i'm going to surabaya xD cant wait to go for the delicacies~~~~<3


    1. Thank you..! XD
      Really? How long are going to stay in Surabaya?


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