Mar 21, 2013

Review : Lunasol Blooming Eyes 03 Purple Gradation

Lunasol belongs to Kanebo's more sought-after brands and also happen to be one of my instant favourite. It all started from Lunasol's foundation powder and eye makeup base. But their eyeshadows also attract a lots of attention, although I prefer their eyeliner and mascara than their eyeshadows. But it's a matter of opinions.

Sorry for the bad picture result, I'm still trying to persuade my brother to buy me a new one. :(

 I believe only two main colours are worthwhile in Lunasol quads. In this case : the light lilac on the first row and the darker lilac on the second row. Both apply to sheer, they are not buttery soft. Actually they're quite hard. Frankly, I expected something better from a Japanese department store brand.

Below are swatches, layered at least three times to achieve the colour :

Compared with Lunasol's Lavender Coral palette from Spring 2008, I think Purple Gradation is a lot more elegant and understated. The colours are less sparkly and the overall finish is more pearly than shimmery. On the whole, Purple Gradation is more similar to Scent Form Eyes in 02 but it's marginally more vibrant due to the mild iridescence. (Scent Form Eyes in 02 is certainly the most low-key of the three.)

Results :

The packaging of this eyeshadow is not the best of what I would expected. However I'm still satisfied with the packaging. The texture of this eyeshadow is satisfactory. It's buttery smooth and the fallouts are controllable. I would say that Lunasol's eyeshadows quality are comparable to many high end Japanese brands. 

Mar 18, 2013

Me and My Glambition Giveaway

So Iambabypanda is holding a giveaway until 16th April 2013. So what're you waiting for? There are a lot of great prizes of skincare products and also it's easy to enter it too.. So fun.. ^^

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Mar 17, 2013

Colour Of The Year

My health is not getting better and I'm still sick and you know what it's sucks. Really. Wish I could get healthier in a short notice but I can't. Life is so cruel. Today I would like to post a colour blocking outfit. I don't know why lately I'm obsessed with this new green shorts. Really love it, I don't usually like colour shorts because I think it's weird but this time I think it's cute and also GREEN is the colourvof the year anyway. So I guess nothing's wrong here.
                      Vest - Daggle Spirea
Inner tank - Zara
                   Shorts - Rinascimento
         Heels - Rotelli
         Clutch - ALDO
                 Ring - Hongkong

So thanks to my friends and also my BF, now I can access my instagram account again. *cheer* So if you follow my instagram you'll see what I do in my daily activities so follow me....^^  vellafebriani <---------mine 
Mar 11, 2013

Cat-Tastic Day

It has been a while since I've posted anything on my blog and I must I admit I kinda miss my blog and also my readers. I've been so busy with schools, birthday party, etc. So it's kinda hard to get a me time around here.

Kitty dress & clutch - ROMWE
Bracelet - Salvadore Feragamo
Heels - Nine West

Finally my package from ROMWE has arrived. It has been 2 months and I thought it was but what a surprise a nice postman delivered my package last week. I was so excited to finally see it and it was Puuuurrr....feeecccttt.... Now about the clothing, I match the LBD with a touch of red to pop up the colour so it wouldn't look like a simple black outfit.

 Closer look on the dress and clutch

My new bracelet from my sister
Mouse In Chery Martini