Dec 30, 2012

Review : Vivelle Hello Kitty Body Lotion

I guess a lot of my readers suggest me to do some review about local products. So this time I'm going to do a review on our local product Vivelle. Honestly I've never heard of this brand before so this is going to be my first using Vivelle. Mine is the Hello Kitty edition body lotion and the scent is Virgin Coconut Oil. I wasn't really excited to know that it was coconut but after I smelled it, well I must admit It was very good.

 Love the Hello Kitty packaging


  • It's really cheap cause it's only IDR 15.000
  • Moisturize my skin really well
  • It smells good and long lasting
  • It's not sticky at all
  • Cute packaging
  • It contains paraben
8 / 10

YES! It's great for daily activities.

This lotion is perfect for everyone who doesn't like to use lotion because their sticky, etc. So I think this is the perfect lotion for all lotion haters out there cause you can still has something to moisturize your skin. Of course it's great for daily basis too..

More Hello Kitty anyone?

I just knew that Vivelle has a lot of Hello Kitty products from body lotion to soaps. You name it, they have it all! If you wonder "Where can I get one of this?", well you don't have to look too hard girls cause these products are sold in Giant, Guardian, Indomaret, and HERO. So get going and buy one of these products while stocks are last.. ^^


  1. cute packaging and cheap too..
    but, some or most of our local products use paraben.. T~T

    Maybe I will try this product because it contains virgin coconut oil.. I don't know why, but I like virgin coconut oil.. I think maybe because I've seen the process how to make virgin coconut oil when I was in SHC.. :)

    1. What's Paraben? I've never heard of it =.=

      You should try this and maybe if you can you should try La Tulip too! It's very good. You should try it ^^

  2. Here are some ideas for hello kitty phone accessories:


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