Nov 30, 2012

December's Giveaway

Okay then to celebrate the first day of December, I'm going to host my very own GIVEAWAY.. It's open for everyone but I'm sorry to say this but this giveaway is only for my domestic followers~ *sob* but next time I'm going to host a giveaway that opens internationally. *yeeeyyy..*

For today giveaway there's going to be 2 lucky winners. The first winner is going to be given all of the items that are in the picture above. For the second winner, he / she is going to get a set of Sally Hansen's nail polishes. Here how it goes, for the first winner I'm going to randomly pick the winner with this rafflecopter below and for the second winner, I'm going to pick the winner also randomly but by their comments.

The first winner is going to get:
2 DAISO's Fake Eyelashes
2 Face Shop's Eyeshadows
Stitch Mobile Phone Pouch
British Moustache Necklace
Hair Piece : Pink Ribbon
Rilakkuma Headset
Cute Girl Wallet

The second winner is going to get:
Sally Hansen White Nail Polish
Sally Hansen Soft Pink Diamond Strength Nail Polish
Sally Hansen French Manicure Kit

Okay so these are the prizes for the first and second winner. What do you think? There's only 1 rule for this giveaway and that's NO CHEATING. I will not accept any entries that are sent by one person but with different accounts. Anyone who does that will be disqualified. So don't try to do that.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I'd like to thank you for all my followers and readers who reads my blog and enter this giveaway. I'll be waiting for the winner. So start entering and start commenting. Thank you for supporting this blog. I love all of you. Bye~

Nov 28, 2012

Liebster Blog Award

Wow. This is my first time getting this award and I'm still surprise that I got this.  So I want to thank you my friend Carolinelle. For nominating me this award. *yeeeyyy..*

So this is the first time I heard of this award so that is why I have to google it first. I've been searching for the meaning of this award and it says that this award is given to up and coming blogger who has less than 200 followers (I only have 3 + 1 who follows me privately), and nominated by the fellow blogger. Liebster in Germany means cute, favourite, valued, welcome, lovely beloved, and pleasant.

So this award also has rule :

  1. When you receive this award, you must thank the person who gave it to you and post the link to his or her blog in your blog post 
  2. Post 11 things about you
  3. Answer the 11 questions from the person who gave this to you
  4. Choose 11 inspiring bloggers whose blog has less than 200 followers and link their pages in your blog
  5. Create 11 questions for them to answer
(Also don't forget to visit their blog and tell them that you've nominated them)

Here are 11 things about me:
  1.  I LOVE SHOES!! That's why I have tons of shoes in my room.
  2. I don't really like chocolate. (I don't know why but I just don't like it)
  3. I can't shut my mouth. So that's why I always talk and talk (I'll talk to the wall if I have to)
  4. My guilty pleasures are PASTA. I wish I could live in Italy, the home of pasta. *yummy*
  5. I hate bugs all kind of it.
  6. I've always wanted to go to Japan and meet all the cosplayers there. It would be awesome..
  7. I love cats, dogs, rabbits, all kinds of animal except bugs. =.=
  8. I'm a STITCH FAN-ATIC. I don't know why I just love STITCH.
  9. I have more than 100 dolls in my room.
  10. I love eating Tini Wini Biti in my spare time.
Now the 11 questions from my "dearest friend" Caroline:
1. Tell me one make item you can't live without!
    Hmm.. IDK. I don't really use to much make up, but I have to say my Lip Smackers Lip Balm
2. Mascara or Eyeliner?
    Mascara. Cause I can't use eyeliner. WTH
3. Your fave brand of eyelash?
     Wow. This is hard. I only use fake eyelash when I'm going to a wedding party. But I think my fave brand  
      is Dolly Wink. *wink*
4. Dyeing your hair, yay or nay? Why?
    Nayyyyy~ Cause I love my natural dark brownish colour =9
5. Cute things or vintage one?
    Cute things of course.
6. Loose powder or compact powder?
    Compact powder. I guess. I think it's easier to carry around and it won't make a mess.
7.  Your most loved shopping place?
     I don't have any.. =.= I don't like sticking to one place you know.
8. Your fave blogger?
    Brown Platform..!
9. Fave make up brands?
    Anna Sui, Channel, and YSL
10. How many lipsticks do you have?
     I have around 50 lipsticks in my drawer. Maybe more I guess.
11. Make up or skin care?
     Skin care. Definitely.

Okay after answering the questions above I have to nominate some blogger ( it must be 11 too )
  1. Carolinelle
  2. Nikki
  3. Rossyana
  4. Konayachi - chan
  5. Melda
  6. Sabella Mareli
  7. 8.  9.  10.  11.
(I don't any other bloggers, that's why I only write 6 bloggers and this is only the one I followed)

My questions:
  1. What's your favourite fashion brand?
  2. Who's your inspiration?
  3. Pastels or Neon?
  4. Who's your favourite fashion designer?
  5. Favourite make up brand?
  6. Do you want to dye your hair? If yes what colour?
  7. How many shoes do you have?
  8. What's your favourite movie?
  9. Tanned or light?
That's it I'm done. Finally I can get some nap. So have fun answering my questions and I better hurry up and tell them the good news.


Exam Day 4 + Children Frenzy

OMG..! I can't take it any more. I've tried not to turn on the computer but I've failed.. T.T So now at 8 pm I'm still studying for sosiologi test tomorrow. Not to mention it's a lot to learn from this book.. Noo...

I was so bored so I did this to my poor book

I know I'm supposed to be studying now but I just can't take it. It's making me mad okay.. =.=


Away from the exam topic, today my cute niece and nephews are staying in my house until Friday *yeeyyy*

 Armani Cezar is thinking

Look at how cute he is. But this is only my 3th nephew, I exactly have 1 niece and she's 7 y.o, 3 nephews and this is the little one he's only 9 months. His brother is 3 y.o and my brother's son is only 2 y.o. So they all are in my house right now running around in my room and annoys me. But it's okay cause they're so adorable. I wish I have a lil'sister or brother like that =.= too bad I'm the last one. 

Nov 25, 2012

My Passion For Music

All of my friends knows that I'm a music lover. I love it so much, that I even listen to my iPod in class. Well, without the teacher knowing of course (I will get in lots of trouble if they know). That is why I joined an organisation in school known as Maprada Station. It's like the school radio but with a different name. Now I'm the senior in there because when you're 12 grade you have to retire because of the UNAS and everything. So I'm trying to enjoy every second I have with MS (even though I don't really know the new member and that's the 10 grader).

          Hat - unbranded
Mickey T-Shirt - HK Disneyland
           Short - Guess Jeans
Shoes - Nike


What do you think? I took these photos after waking up from my daily nap (which is 3 hours nap). I'm glad my hair is still fine to take pictures with. LoL

So tomorrow is the beginning of the final exams, that means I won't be posting for a whole week. I'm SORRY :( but I promise I will start to post again next Sunday. So be patient all right. I've seen my friend Carolinelle's blog, she post about her acne problem. I hope it'll disappear soon my friend. I'm sorry that I can't help much with that kind of problem because I never have acne before. But my #1 tips : Don't use too many make ups if you're under 20 years old. Because our skin can't handle it yet, so try using face powder and blush only. Try not to use to many skin cares cause it will cause acne problems.


My sister-in-law told me that she has a friend who sells handmade dolls out of socks. I've been curious about these kind of dolls especially sock monkeys. So it's great to find a person who sell these kind of sock's dolls and it's really cheap too.

Here they sells all kinds of dolls that are made out from socks. They not only make socks monkey but they also make in Bunnies version, Cats, Cows, Chicken, and many more. 

 The Limited Matryoshka Doll

Halloween Edition

I really want to buy one or two of these dolls but I'm confuse which one to buy. I already bought one of the Matryoshka doll and I really want to buy a custom bunny doll. Which one do you think is the cutest? (Help me please, I can't decide >.<") Oh right I forgot to tell you guys that you can also dress up these dolls, they provide the little dress and ribbons for these little ones. To make it more special these dolls also has a note attach onto their hands, it says "Adopted by (your name)". Isn't that cute? Can't wait to buy one of these.. I hope you guys buy them too.. ^^

Nov 24, 2012

Kawaii me ♥

So today I'm going to featured the big ribbon that I bought with Carolinelle last week. I'm going to dress like a cute little Japanese girl. Hehe. I don't need to do much because I am already cute by nature. *slapped*

 Tank Top - Zara
Tops - Zara TRF
Shorts - Marciano
Shoes - Steve Madden
Ribbons - Daiso Japan

 Me and my Polaroid. Just love it.

 Look at me and Scrump, we have the same pink ribbon on our hair.

I really want to lose my weight and bring it down from 54 kg - 45 kg. I have to work really hard to get there. No more cookies or cream puffs just exercise and cycling. Wish me luck. So today is Saturday but I'm not going anywhere today cause I have final exams on Monday and I'm not ready yet. What should I do? Well, I know I won't cheat because that's a bad thing to do. Maybe I will study all day long with a help from little Scrump and also the help of my BF.

Me and Ian at Top Noodle Tunjungan Plaza

So for all of you who doesn't know my BF, this is Ian (that's he's nickname of course). He's my number 1 supporter and the greatest BF in the world. There's no words can describe my feelings toward him and today is our 16 months anniversary. Yeeeyyy.. ^^ *applause*  I'm glad that he's my BF because we've been BFF for around 3 years and now we're GF and BF. Hehe.


So I've promised you guys that I'm going to post about the goodie bags I got from Lancome, Dior, and YSL. It's a good thing I wrote that down cause I'm a forgetful person, so it's great to have a good blog's notebook.

 Dior make up bag

All of the gifts side by side. So many of them, don't know where to start.

I got all these gifts for free because my mom loves to buy make ups, skin cares, etc. So she always get a lots of gifts for free even if she only buy one product (well it costs up to IDR 1.000.000). The staffs in SOGO Tunjungan Plaza are all so nice so they always gives me a tester of a new product (the benefits of having a shopaholic mom). Some of this products are skincare for woman 30+, so my mom keeps most of it, and I kept the lipgloss from YSL, under eyes black circle removal and lipgloss from Dior, UV expert face sun screen from Lancome. 
Nov 22, 2012

Cute School Girl

Today OOTD is going to be "School Girl", I picked this theme because I was thinking about how cute are the uniforms there in Japan. So I'm trying to make my own version of the uniforms there. What do you think? Cute or Nay?? ^^
Tank Top - Guess
Vest - Next
Skirt - Rinascimento

 Bracelet - unbranded

Shoes - Guess 

Me camwhoring. Hehe.

I guess you guys might be wondering what the hell is this girl talking about? What is that Rinascimento? So for you who never heard of this brand before well this is a brand that's made in Italy. It's kinda expensive exactly but it has a really cool clothing so it's worth the money. Try it, I guarantee you'll be coming back to buy more. ^^


I've seen my friend, Carolinelle, has posted about the cute ribbon that we bought in Daiso. So now it's my turn now to show off mine. *slapped*

See this ribbon? You wouldn't believe if I told you that it only cost me around IDR 22.000 or $2.5, isn't that very cheap? It's all because of Daiso Japan. I hope I can post an OOTD with this ribbon before the final test next week :S *finger cross*, also I'm going to post about the goodies bag from DIOR, YSL, etc, and also I'm going to do an OOTD again featuring my mom's vintage Versace clutch that she gave to me yesterday. So I hope I can post all of this this week.

Nov 20, 2012

Review : Anna Sui Lip Gloss Sui Brillant A Levres #305

Finding the right lip gloss for me is kinda hard exactly. I need to find the perfect packaging and also the quality. Today I'm going to review Anna Sui Lip Gloss Sui Brillant A Levres #305.

I was searching one day for a new cute lip gloss and I found this one in SOGO. The price for this lip gloss is around $30, so it's kinda pricey. My heart beats faster when I saw the cute packaging (well I love all of the cute products of Anna Sui anyway). So that's why I bought this one. Hehehe.

Anna Sui has always known for the cute bottles and quality of course. I don't know why, but I've always been a big fan of her products.



this is the colour of the lip gloss, a little bit pinkish just as I want it too.

  • has a perfect soft red pink colour
  • it also contains glitters so it will makes your lips sparkle
  • it has the lowest price from any other Anna Sui products
  • has a smoothing and moisturising effect to lips
  • plumps up your lips

  • it's to thick and also very sticky
  • it has no scent 


Maybe. I'm still considering it. Cause it has no scent of anything so it doesn't makes my interest

This product is perfect for women who's going out to a party. You only need to apply this lip gloss without any lipsticks underneath it. It's easy to carry around because of the small bottles and easy to apply. It's also cheap because it's the lowest price from Anna Sui products (who could say no to that?).


Next time I'm going to post about fashion and also more beauty products that I got from my goodie bags from YSL, Dior, and Lancome. Have a nice day.. ^^
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