Dec 31, 2012

Haul : Back To December

To celebrate New Year, I'm going to post my December haul. Well I'm only going to upload some photos of my stuff cause it's just too much.. =.=

I bought these 2 Jessica Simpson's shoes from Little Alice. So these heels are kinda a special order. So I ordered it by special request. Cool right? ^^

 My new sneakers from New Look

My 3 million rupiah clutch.. >.<

Clutch from ALDO

The stuff on the photo :

  • Doggy Doodle's from Accessorize
  • Bow ring from Accessorize
  • Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner
  • Immortal Kiss novel from Periplus
  • Chain ring from New Look
  • Etude House Missing You Hand Cream "Honey Bee" (I also bought this from Little Kimmy)
  • Strawberry body lotion from Guardian (local product alert!)

I guess that's enough for our December haul, cause I think that's a lot of stuff already. So Happy New Year everyone!! XD

And The Winner Is......................

The time has come for me to reveal the winner to my giveaway. Are you guys ready? Cause I'm so excited to know who will win. So now I'm going to choose the winner. And the winner is.........................

1st winner : MONA

2nd winner : ERNA WIJAYA

Wow.. So here are the winners for my first ever giveaway. I'll be waiting for they're reply ASAP (for 2 days max). And I hope I will be doing another giveaway in future. Thank you for participating and Happy New Year! ^^

3:18:45 To New Year

Guess there's only 3 hours left till new year. It's kinda sad you know that you're getting older and older. But time will not wait for any man or woman as they said.

Top - Cool Teens | Vest & Jeans - Guess | Sneakers - DC | Bag - COACH Poppy | Ring - Accessorize 

Sorry for the blurry photo because my cousin can't take a good picture without making it blur. So it's frustrating to take it over and over and over again. So today me and family went to GM to have lunch at Thaivillage (also my favourite restaurant). It was a lot of fun, it's great that we a time to spend as a whole family. Other good news is tonight at 12 o'clock, my brother will turn 31. Yeeeyyy!! *cheer*

Me and my cute nephew , Angelo

Me and my annoying niece , Angie

Finally me and my cousin , Dhea

After a long and exhausting stroll around the mall we took a rest at Bakerzin. Of course I ordered my usual treat and that is Sour Cherry Flan. I'm in love with it cause it's delicous. *yummy*

 My sour cherry flan

 My cousin's New York cheese cake

My hot chocolate, look how cute it is? ^^

So I also did some shopping too you know at New Look, love the stuff they sold there just love it..^^ I bought a pair of shoes and a chain ring.

 My new studded shoes..!! Finally..

So here's a bad news, I will not be doing a HAUL post this month. Because of my over buy stuff, I just can't take a picture of everything of them cause I bought around 20 or maybe more stuff this month. I might do it if I got chance maybe tomorrow or the next day after that. I'll try to post my December Haul. So be ready girls for the craziest HAUL post in your life. Well that's enough now and I'm sorry if I have any mistake through out this year. I hope I'll be better next year.

Vella said..........................

Happy New Year's Eve Everyone..!!
                                 GBU :)
Dec 30, 2012

Review : Vivelle Hello Kitty Body Lotion

I guess a lot of my readers suggest me to do some review about local products. So this time I'm going to do a review on our local product Vivelle. Honestly I've never heard of this brand before so this is going to be my first using Vivelle. Mine is the Hello Kitty edition body lotion and the scent is Virgin Coconut Oil. I wasn't really excited to know that it was coconut but after I smelled it, well I must admit It was very good.

 Love the Hello Kitty packaging


  • It's really cheap cause it's only IDR 15.000
  • Moisturize my skin really well
  • It smells good and long lasting
  • It's not sticky at all
  • Cute packaging
  • It contains paraben
8 / 10

YES! It's great for daily activities.

This lotion is perfect for everyone who doesn't like to use lotion because their sticky, etc. So I think this is the perfect lotion for all lotion haters out there cause you can still has something to moisturize your skin. Of course it's great for daily basis too..

More Hello Kitty anyone?

I just knew that Vivelle has a lot of Hello Kitty products from body lotion to soaps. You name it, they have it all! If you wonder "Where can I get one of this?", well you don't have to look too hard girls cause these products are sold in Giant, Guardian, Indomaret, and HERO. So get going and buy one of these products while stocks are last.. ^^
Dec 29, 2012

Denim All The Way

So I guess I've been absened from my blog for around 2 days, cause I'm so lazy and tired I guess. But it's great to know that there are a lot of people who joined my giveaway cause it's going to end tomorrow. I can't wait to find out the winner.. >.<
 Shirt and Jeans - Guess | Bracelets - The Little Thing She Needs | Ring - Unbranded | Shoes - Rotelli | Bag - Cambridge Satchel | Gold Bag - Louis Vuitton Limited Edition

Yesterday me and my family went to TP to buy some make ups, clothes, etc. We ate at my favourite seafood restaurant and that is Marina.. *yummy* Yesterday I went to Raoul and found the cutest clutch ever and the color is BABY PINK!! I was so crazy about it. So I bought it but it's really expensive and it's not on sale because it's a new arrival item. The price was IDR 3.400.000! For 1 clutch it costed more than my Coach hat. Zzzz =.=" at least it's baby pink..

 Me and my mom <3

 Me at Raoul

 My poor turkey sandwich *yummy* and my signature low fat hot chocolate

We ate a lot of pastries at Starbucks

Yesterday we went to SOGO to buy some skin cares for my mom and she decided to buy a serum at Lancome. Then lucky me, the staff was really nice so she gave me a pink make up pouch and a doll from Lancome. So cute.. ^^

 The eyes are really creepy, it reminds me a vodoo doll

Dec 26, 2012

Disney Frenzy

My daddy's friend Ko Danil promised me that she would bring me a huge Pluto doll from Disneyland. He could do that because he's the owner of Disneyland you know and he's the one who creates all the dolls in Disneyland. How cool is that?! And he just came  to my house with 5 huge dolls..! 2 huge Thumper (Bambi), 2 small Thumper, and 1 huge Pluto which is bigger than me!

 So cute.. and HUGE..!

Love it so much. Best Christmas ever. ^^
Mouse In Chery Martini