Dec 6, 2012

Review : TOKYO MILK Lip Balm Iced Green Tea

Last July I went to HK and Singapore for holiday. When I'm in Singapore I found out that Takashimaya is selling TOKYO MILK Lip Balm now. I was really excited to buy one and I got it now. I smelled all of the flavours they have and start choosing which one right for me. Finally I found the TOKYO MILK Lip Balm Iced Green Tea. It smells so good.. *yummy* But I haven't tried using it exactly, so I can't wait to try it today.

 Love the box, so simple but cute

 Look it comes with Chinese quotes !

So I've search some info about this product and every site who sells this says "The sweetest lips await." Well i don't know what that means but it sounds good. I've also searched the ingredients too. It contains sunflower seeds oil, beeswax, shea butter, aloe vera, and vitamin E.

 Look it also comes with it owns kissing tip

  • Beautiful packaging
  • Strong perfume smell
  • Hard formula
  • Good moisture control
  • Not available in Indonesia
  • It's kinda expensive

8.5 / 10

YES ! If I'm not broke. It's kinda pricey and it doesn't available in Indonesia so it'll be hard to buy it again for sometimes. But I'll definitely try the other flavours from TOKYO MILK lip balm.

Once you've apply this on your lips it'll feels very soothing on the dry areas and keeps my lips moisturised for          a few hours. What I really like from this lip balm that it doesn't cause my lips to peel. The smell is very strong though, I've applied for around 2 hours, and I could still smell the perfume. So if you're sensitive of strong smells this lip balm is not the right one for you. Try Dr. Kiehl's lip balm, it doesn't have a strong perfume like this lip balm.

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