Dec 15, 2012

Oh Mickey!

Wow. It's been a while since I've posted something that is related to fashion. Due to my horrible laziness. It has been a crazy week, last Wednesday no one came to school (there're only 13 students in class). I still don't know why my school doesn't just give us a holiday for 3 days or 2 days. Instead of holiday we have to go to school even though the teacher is too lazy to teach also. I wan't my holiday..T.T *Sobbed*

 Inner tank - Zara | Outer tank - Forever21 | Shorts - Singapore | Shoes - HK Disneyland 

 My new nails art <3

Love this striped tank top so much, I got from Forever21 in Singapore. Can't help buying it. I think I need to go to therapy to talk about my shopping problem. If there are any kind of therapy like that. Next Tuesday all of the students of my school are going to the Zoo in Prigen. *cheering* The best thing is I'm going to go there with my BF's class also, because he's in science class, and I'm in social class. I can't wait, so next Monday me and my friends are going to TP to buy some T-shirts to wear next Tuesday. I hope I can find something that's purple to wear.. ^^

Finally my Bath & Body Works hand gel has came. I ordered the new scent it's the Christmas special and it has a funny name too. It's called He He Cookie Dough. When I first got it I told my friend Carolinelle about it and she laughed her ass off because of the name. =.= Beside the funny name the smell is so delicious too, so yummy, it smells like a chocolate chip cookies. It costed me around IDR 30.000 for the hand gel and IDR 80.000 for the case. I chose this pink penguin because 1. I love pink 2. It's cute. How could I say no to it..?

Also I want to show you all my best buy this year and that's my Ed Hardy sunglasses. It costed me $4000 (Singapore Dollars), I bought this when I was in Singapore last July. I've been craving for Ed Hardy sunglasses cause my sister bought 2 of them when we were in Macau last year, so I'm very thrilled to have bought this. I got it in some random glasses shop in Marina Bay Sands. It has Swarovski crytals on the side of it. It's really cool and perfect for me. ^^

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