Dec 13, 2012

First Time

So last Sunday I've ordered some stuff from ROMWE and yesterday I got an email from them saying that my order is going to be here for 5-15 days, but I've already pay extra fee for it to get here for 3-4 days. But I guess there's a problem with the delivery system in Indonesia, so they'll give my money back after 5 days. How nice of them to informed me about this? :)

I've ordered these 2 stuff, 1 cat purse / clutch, and 1 catty dress. Aren't they so cute?

They informed me with these emails that my stuff is going to be delayed. I think they're nice because they want to warned me about the delay and give refund to for the extra fee. I just hope my stuff is going to be here before christmas. *finger cross*


  1. aaa. super duper cute ! black cat xD
    kalau udah sampe, di post di blog yaa.. mau lihat wktu kmu pake.. *wink xP


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