Dec 15, 2012

Review : YIBI Luminous Powder

Maybe most of you here haven't heard this name before. Well let me explain then, Yibi is a Japanese newest make up brand which is designed specially for young lady like us. Of course in our age (13-30) we usually have an oily skin with large pores during summer / hot days. So this is the advantage from Yibi Luminous Powder, it can easily absorb the oil from your skin and hide your pores. So it's perfect for all women who has oily skin like me. I suggest applying this after you apply your foundation for more beautiful effect.

Product Info: 
Color : Argent Violet
Capacity : 10 g /  0.35 oz
Actual Size - Height : 5.5 cm  Diameter : 6 cm

I bought this when I was in Singapore, I found it at Sasa on Orchard Street. The cute packaging has lure me to buy it. It costed me around $12 (Singapore dollars), so it's kinda cheap for me. Even though it's a Japanese brand it actually made in Korea. So I was surprise of it.

  • Cute Packaging
  • The argent violet powder can easily hide the yellowish on your face
  • It has super soft fury powder puff
  • Easy to carry around in your make-up clutch
  • It has glitter on it too
  • It's cheap
  • It could cause irritation on sensitive skin
  • The colour is not really show, so if you apply this without foundation it'll look like you have no powder on your face

7 / 10


This powder is perfect to carry around when you're travelling. But I suggest not to use this when you're going to a party because it'll makes you look like you don't have any make up on. So use this on your daily activity. If you have a sensitive skin try to avoid using this cause it will cause irritation or acne on your skin. If this happens please discontinue using this product.


Tomorrow I'm going to TP with my BF and my friends. I can't decide what to wear tomorrow so I've decided to take photos of my clothing and upload it here, so you guys can help decide what to wear tomorrow.


 Girly Chic

Japanese Girl

So which one should I wear? Can you guys please give comment and give me some ideas what to wear tomorrow?? Thank you~


  1. baru kali ini denger merk nya haha >.<
    tapi bagus juga hasilnya, cuma susah belinya.

    all of them is cute >.<
    Maybe you should use the Girly chic.. Red color is cheerful :D

    1. Hahahaha. Emank cuman dikit xg denger merk ni soale ga kluar di Indo.
      Kalo mw bs pesen dr luar negeri kan lewat inet bs.. XD Kadang ada xg free shipping.

      Aq ya mw e pake xg merah tp msh blm 100% merah gtuuu... Hahaha
      Thx for the suggestion

  2. bru kli ini dengar merknya jg xD
    pilihan baju yg membingungkan.. krn jalan2ny jg dgn teman2, mungkin lebih bagus yg rebel hehe soalnya keliatan cool.. klo cuma dgn BF, japanese girl cocok banget.. sweet n cute^^

    1. Hahaha. emank jarang ada xg dger. Aq jalan"nya ma temen n BF. Mgkin aq pake xg rebel deh. hehehe

  3. waaah, lucuk packagingnya, trus shimmeringnya sukaaa >_<

    anyway, aku ga liat produk ini waktu mampir ke sasa di SG. sasa manakah?

    sekalian nih, aku mau kasih tau kalo aku lagi ngadain giveaway worth $30.99 dan open for international readers!


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