Dec 19, 2012

School Field Trip

EPIC with Pak Jos

So last Tuesday we went to the Zoo in Prigen. We had a lot of fun there, we took a lot of photos too. Me and my BF enjoyed our special time bonding at the Zoo, weird right? Hehe. At there we watched a dolphin show, we went into the haunted house (I started crying when entered it LoL), we watched tigers hunting for their preys, etc..! It was a long and exhausted day because we spent the whole day there, from 7 A.M. until 5 P.M. So it was a lot of fun there and I wish I could go there again someday.

 We took some pics at school

Me and Carolinelle XD

Our trip from school to the zoo is about 1 hour or maybe more because there wasn't any road jam there *thank God*. The sad thing was me and my BF wasn't in the same bus, he was in another bus and far from mine. *sobbed* at least we met up at the zoo as soon as we've arrived. As usual me and my friends spent our time in bus talking, eating, sleeping, joking around, gossiping, etc. Before you know it we've arrived and I was so happy to get out from the damn bus. 

 After we arrived there we immediately took a lot of photos because this is a one time chance in a life time. We don't when we'll be able to spend our time as an EPIC family again because we don't know hat the future may have for us. 

We watched a dolpin show there and it was really fun, they're so cute I just want to take them home if I could. After that we had some free time so me and my BF changed our tees to our matching polos and it was a good thing I brought a shorts cause it was really uncomfortable wearing long cargo pants there. Then we took a pics at the baby-Zoo, they provided  photos service with baby lions, white tiger, and a baby orang utan. How cute is that? Of course me and my BF immediately took a lot of pics cause how could you bare not to hold that cute orang utan? XD

Not to forget the souvenirs shops there, they sold a lot of cute stuff from handbags, dolls, headbands, hats, T-shirts, etc..! I can't resist all of the stuff they sold there so I started buying all of it. So I was in money wasting mode. I bought a lot of souvenirs there I just couldn't hold myself from buying them so I spent around IDR 650.000 total from that day. It's a good thing that the staff there gave us a 15% off discount card so we can shop till we drop.

Cute fox hat

 Miniature animals tea cup set <3 only IDR 60.000..!

The souvenirs from the staff, there're hat, bag, pen, and a workbook 

It was an awesome day and I had bought a lot of souvenirs to end the day. I hope I can go there again someday with my EPIC family and my BF. <3


  1. Miniature animal tea cup set nya lucu xD

    1. Iyaaaa... >.< Lucu and murah. Hahahaha

  2. pantesan habisnya segitu..barang2nya unyu2 :D

    1. Ga bs menahan godaan barang lucu siihh.. T.T

  3. Paling lucu boneka gajahnya sama Miniature animals tea cup set :D :D :D


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