Jan 27, 2013

Tokyo Banana

My sister just sent me a box of Tokyo Banana. For those who doesn't know what it is, it's exactly a bread fill with banana cream made from Japan. I'm so happy that Japan has invented Tokyo Banana because it's so delicious and it also has a soft and creamy texture *yummy*

Really love the logo of it, it's so cute with the ribbon and also the animal pattern. I can't resist it..!! >.<" mine is the chocolate banana cream filling. Every box contains 8 Tokyo Banana and it costs around IDR 380.000. But it's totally FREE for me because my sister is the who sells it. Hehehe. The benefits of having an older sister.


Beside food my giveaway prizes has arrived. *cheer* For you who doesn't know, I've won a giveaway hosted by Helena. And there's another good news I've won the first prize. So this is the first time I've won a giveaway. I must admit I forgot that I have entered a giveaway because of my lack of memories. 

I think I'm not going to school tomorrow because I'm really sick right now. I have fever and also a bad headache. It's killing me slowly..!! Would someone just give me a working medicine to get rid of it. =.=
Jan 26, 2013

Sweet...Sweet Escape

I guess it has been a while since I post anything here. Not because I'm too lazy to do it but I'm really sick recently so I guess that's the reason why I haven't post anything.

 Shirt & tank top - ZARA | Shorts - Marciano | Heels - RAOUL | Bag - BEBE | Ring - unbranded

So yesterday I went to The Pavillion at JW Marriot with my mom to have lunch there. Really love the food so much it's so yummy.. :S

I guess I can't stop myself from picking up all of the deserts they have and also all the food of course. You name it I've tried it all.. Hehe

Jan 19, 2013

Enchanting Night

Yesterday I was invited by my best friend Yovita to her sweet 17 party at De Kastell. It was a lot of fun despite the horrible food. But it was really fun and I'm happy that she's already 17 now.. XD I hope her all the best and she also looked really beautiful last night. I'm so happy for her *sobbed* Guess we can't stay being kids forever, somehow we have to grow up, and go through a different path. :(

Jan 15, 2013

So Sick

Top - Forever 21 | Inner tank - ZARA | Jeans - Hong Kong | Shoes - New Look | Bag - Emily The Strange | Bracelets - Singapore

I'm really sick right now, can't stop vomiting since yesterday. Zzz.. I need to get well soon cause next week is going to be a busy day. On Monday I need to get my nail art at Viole, Tuesday I'm going to have my pre-sweet photo shoot. So I need to be healthy quickly. But the good news is I lost 5 kg in 1 day because I keep vomiting anything I eat. I guess I don't need any diet anymore. XD

Jan 13, 2013

What's In It?? :S

So lot's of my friends are wondering what's in my bag when I go out because I always have everything I need in it. That's today I'm going to post about everything I have in my bag. So excited to show y'all what's in it.. ^^

As you can see here this is my COACH's handbag which I bought from Macau and you can also see that I got a new fonts on my photo. *cheer* That's because I've download a lot of new fonts so I could customize all of my writing on my photos.


If you're wondering why do I need a big wallet well it's because I have a lot of member cards from stores and I love to cherish my photos in it too..

Me and my nephew Angelo

 Inside my make up pouch

I hope everyone are satisfied of this post because I done it in a last minute because my BF told me to post about it ASAP. The reason I'm carrying a lot of these stuff is because you never know when you'll need a tissue or a mirror etc. So that's why it's important to always keep your important stuff in your bag. The most important stuff for me in my bag is exactly my tissues because I don't like to use the tissues in public bathroom because you don't know if it's 100% clean, so it's more safe to bring my own. Hehe.

Jan 12, 2013

P.O.P !

So it's already back to school I guess that's why yesterday I went to Nailpia not because it's already school days but it's time for me to get my daiily mani-padi (per 2 weeks). Yesterday I went there with Susan, my BF Ian, Susan's "BF" Udin, and Dailywin. It was really fun spending times with friends, I guess I never really hang out with my friend this much like I spend my times with these guys. So I'm glad to found friends like them.

So I got my daily mani-padi and I had to removed all of my gel nail polish on my nails so I won't get in a lot of trouble at school. 

Tank Top - ZARA | Jumper - Perme | Shorts - Celine | Sandals - Nine West | Bag - Emily The Strange | Bracelets - Hongkong 

Because this blog is a Fashion & Beauty blog, I have to corporate both of them in every post sometimes and it's hard. So beside that let us talk about the outfits, yesterday I wore an all black outfits but with a POP of colour yellow to brighten it all up. This shorts also my favourite one because the fabric is so comfortable, it's from a famous brand that all of you must know and it's Celine. I always wears sandals when I'm going to get a mani-padi because of the nail polish on my feet. I wouldn't want it to get damaged too you know. 

Left : Udin & Right : Dailywin (Candid Shot)

We also went to Bakerzin after we ate at Lao Pan and sadly now I get a prawn poisoning. Zzzz... But at least I had a good time and also I got a lot of make ups from my BF. XD Yesterday me and my BF went to go shopping for a shirt for my BF to wear to my sweet 17 party. We found a lot of cool shirts and Tees. *cheer*

Also my BF gave me all of these 3 make ups, which contains 2 lipsticks and 1 lash sparkles. I got 2 lipsticks from MENARD and 1 lash sparkles from Givenchy. Love it so much.........\^^/

Mouse In Chery Martini