Dec 2, 2012

It Will Rain

Wow it has been raining like crazy at my house. Which is good because the weather started to get a little bit colder. I just wish it would snow here in Indonesia, it would be really awesome. So my sister went to Hong Kong last Wednesday until Friday and she bought a macaroons from Jean-Paul Hevin's. For you who don't this, it's the greatest macaroons ever (besides Pierre Herme's of course).

Cute packaging, Love It~

 From left to right we have Vanill'in (Plain Vanilla), Bergamote (Bergamot), 2 Amer (Bitter Dark Chocolate), the last one is the seasonal flavour that changes regularly (so if you're in HK you better ask the staff for this)

 Hat - Tiffany's Room

 Ring - Stroberi

Bracelets - Accessorize Singapore (Dark Blue), Bali (Light Blue), Stroberi (Brown)

My Cambridge Satchel it has my initials on it "VE" and it glows in dark too

Tank Top - Zara
                Shirt - Zara TRF
        Shorts - Guess
           Sneakers - unbranded
                                Bag - Cambridge Satchel

Just now there's a big thunder came and made all my electricity went out. I'm still in shock right now. =.=

 For all you guys who loves Swarovski you must love this cute brand. "Little Angie" is a brand made by sister, she accept custom order crystal (swarovski) in all sorts of cute shapes. She used to have a shop in PTC surabaya known as Senorita. Maybe some of you have heard of this. She sells all kinds of Swarovski products from bracelets, rings, phone strap, necklaces, etc. It all comes in different shapes and colours, from animals, people, DISNEY characters, etc.

 Phone Straps


 This rocking horse is the most popular item, it's for bag's strap so it's like an accessories for bags

 Remember these two? Yup. They are Mrs. Potts and Chip Potts. (Bag Accessories)

 Mr. and Mrs. Santa Bear

 The Circus

 Doggy Bag Accessories

So as you can see here, my sister creates cute accessories for phone, bags, and even fashion. She also creates Sanrio characters like Hello Kitty, My Melody, and many more. For those who are interested to order or just asking for more info just comment here or email to

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