Dec 26, 2012

A Day Of Relaxation

Finally I can get back to Viole again to get my daily nails treatment. *cheer* I've always been obsessed with my nails lately, I love to take care of them a lot. That's why I always go to Viole every month to get my mani pedi treatmeant. Yesterday I went with my friend Susan, my BF, and Udin. We spent around 2 hours at Viole because we were late for our reservation.. :( But at least I went home with a great nails.

 Soaked my feet first in a green tea with mint liquid

This is how they remove my previous nail art

Camwhoring with new aluminium foil nails LoL

They don't always use this to remove your nail art of course. They have to do this because my previous nail art used a gelcolor so it's kinda different than ordinary nail color. Cause it's last longer and dry faster also.

Love the red color cause it looks fierce and bold just like me ^^

Drying my nails, they used this because I chose the gelcolor again so it'll last longer

Love the color cause it looks fun and like a candy.. XD

Inspired by Tsubasa nails. Love the color, too bad they didn't have it. :(

It was a great time at Viole, we spent IDR 531.000 for all the treatments we had. I also got a 10% discounts      because I have a member card there. After we had our treatments you won't believe what we found in Periplus book store. They had a 70% discounts for selected books only. I was crazy for it and bought a lot of books (I'm a book nerd you know *wink*)  My best buy was a novel where the original price was IDR 350.000 and it already been discount to IDR 243.000. After the 70% discounts it was only IDR 49.000!! What a great catch? I bought it immediately with Seventeen magazine and another 3 books which I got for under IDR 100.000. Nice right? XD It was an awesome buy to end an awesome day.

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