Nov 17, 2012

Review : Majolica Majorca "Honey Pump Gloss Neo"

My sister bought me this lip gloss a week ago from Singapore and it's Majolica Majorca Lip Gloss. I've never heard of this brand before, so I was surprise when my friend Caroline told me about how cute is Majolica Majorca product was. So this is the first time I try on this product and I'm so excited.. Hehehe.

The full series of  Majolica Majorca "Honey Pump Gloss Neo"



  • very moisturising 
  • sheer colour, perfect for people who like to make their lips shine
  • you only need small amount of gloss for your lips (saving more $$$) and it last more longer than other lip gloss
  • cute packaging
  • plumps up our lips, make it look bigger (no need to get a filler XD )

  • very thick and also sticky
  • has minimal scent and taste, so you can't really smell the honey
  • for me the packaging is too small

8.5 / 10

YES. Because it's perfect for me and it makes my lips more sexier (every opinion are different)

This is the first time I try Majolica Majorca and I'm really happy with the result. But it's kinda hard to get it here in Indonesia, because I've never seen a store sell these products. But if I see this product again I will definitely buy it again. So every girl who loves shiny things should buy this cause it'll makes you shine like the star. *slap* ^^


Now I'm going to talk about the clothes I'm wearing in this photo. I'm sorry cause I didn't wear any shoes and bangles or rings. Because I'm a very lazy person so I just wear what's comfortable for me (just joking, I usually wear a lot of accessories). 

These outfits are all made in Japan so it fits the theme today and that is JAPAN. Hahaha *slap* I bought this outfit about 2 years ago I think but I never wore it before, I got it from a departement store in Hong Kong where they sold all kinds of cute outfits from Japan. I must admit it's really expensive.. :( But it's worth it for taking pictures like this.

Me and Scrump (I got it from Hong Kong Disneyland)

This is one of my favourite close up

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