Nov 28, 2012

Exam Day 4 + Children Frenzy

OMG..! I can't take it any more. I've tried not to turn on the computer but I've failed.. T.T So now at 8 pm I'm still studying for sosiologi test tomorrow. Not to mention it's a lot to learn from this book.. Noo...

I was so bored so I did this to my poor book

I know I'm supposed to be studying now but I just can't take it. It's making me mad okay.. =.=


Away from the exam topic, today my cute niece and nephews are staying in my house until Friday *yeeyyy*

 Armani Cezar is thinking

Look at how cute he is. But this is only my 3th nephew, I exactly have 1 niece and she's 7 y.o, 3 nephews and this is the little one he's only 9 months. His brother is 3 y.o and my brother's son is only 2 y.o. So they all are in my house right now running around in my room and annoys me. But it's okay cause they're so adorable. I wish I have a lil'sister or brother like that =.= too bad I'm the last one. 


  1. Wowwww I used the same book when I was 11th grade :O ! I still remember on a chapter there: primordialisme, akulturasi, asimilasi, xD

    1. And your nephew is soooo cute :3~~~~! I have so many nephews and nieces too now xD

    2. hahahha. Thank u.. I know isn't he adorable? X3


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