Nov 14, 2012

REVIEW: Body Shop Body Scrub "Chocomania"

Okay this is my first review and I have to do research at first so I won't make mistake *hopefully*
So I've been trying a lot of body scrubs from Body Shop. I've tried passion fruit, wild cherry, and now I'm going to try the newest body scrub and that is Chocomania so it contains real cocoa butter and organic sugar cane. What more do you want? I was really excited to get it. Hehe.

So here it is the Chocomania, it's the newest scents from Body Shop. 

 It smells just like chocolate and it has the textures of grounded chocolate too. How cool is that?


  • indulgent chocolate smells *yummy*
  • moisturise my skin
  • this product contains oil that will makes anyone skins soft
  • removes dead skins cell

  • it's really messy, it gets all over the place after I used it
  • it's kinda expensive, it cost me $19.8


DEFINITELY YES! I'm addicted to this scrub, it smells so yummy, and I love how it makes my skin so smooth.

I'm really happy that I decided to buy this body scrub because it's a must for every women to have. I'm definitely addicted to this scrub, the smells is so good makes me want to lick it off *DON'T DO THAT!* I think I'm to buy the other skin care for this Chocomania edition. This product is great for every type of skins especially for those who has the dry skin type. I recommend everyone to have at least 1 type of the Chocomania product because it's what we've been looking for. It has the smell, the textures, and the goodness of a chocolate. What more do you want? :)


  1. huaa ga kebayang ni bau coklatnya enak haha.. >.<

    btw.. new follower.. nice blog n keep blogging ^^

    1. Thank u for the comment.. and for following my blog. I'll follow yours too.. ^^

  2. You are adorable! But honestly it looks like you have crap on your finger. *lol* Nice review...makes me want to try it out. ^-^

    1. Yes I know. It does look like crap doesn't it? But the smell is so tempting.. Hahaha. Just try it and you'll love it. Just don't lick it.. LoL ^^

  3. this scrub's reminds me of Herborist scrub from Bali.. our local product. But, they're different *gets bricked*

    Well, I have sniff sniff *wakakaka* the smell from my friend who bought it accidentally 2 months ago and I definitely love the smell. *Well, I forced my friend to buy this when we visited the store together*


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