Nov 25, 2012

My Passion For Music

All of my friends knows that I'm a music lover. I love it so much, that I even listen to my iPod in class. Well, without the teacher knowing of course (I will get in lots of trouble if they know). That is why I joined an organisation in school known as Maprada Station. It's like the school radio but with a different name. Now I'm the senior in there because when you're 12 grade you have to retire because of the UNAS and everything. So I'm trying to enjoy every second I have with MS (even though I don't really know the new member and that's the 10 grader).

          Hat - unbranded
Mickey T-Shirt - HK Disneyland
           Short - Guess Jeans
Shoes - Nike


What do you think? I took these photos after waking up from my daily nap (which is 3 hours nap). I'm glad my hair is still fine to take pictures with. LoL

So tomorrow is the beginning of the final exams, that means I won't be posting for a whole week. I'm SORRY :( but I promise I will start to post again next Sunday. So be patient all right. I've seen my friend Carolinelle's blog, she post about her acne problem. I hope it'll disappear soon my friend. I'm sorry that I can't help much with that kind of problem because I never have acne before. But my #1 tips : Don't use too many make ups if you're under 20 years old. Because our skin can't handle it yet, so try using face powder and blush only. Try not to use to many skin cares cause it will cause acne problems.


My sister-in-law told me that she has a friend who sells handmade dolls out of socks. I've been curious about these kind of dolls especially sock monkeys. So it's great to find a person who sell these kind of sock's dolls and it's really cheap too.

Here they sells all kinds of dolls that are made out from socks. They not only make socks monkey but they also make in Bunnies version, Cats, Cows, Chicken, and many more. 

 The Limited Matryoshka Doll

Halloween Edition

I really want to buy one or two of these dolls but I'm confuse which one to buy. I already bought one of the Matryoshka doll and I really want to buy a custom bunny doll. Which one do you think is the cutest? (Help me please, I can't decide >.<") Oh right I forgot to tell you guys that you can also dress up these dolls, they provide the little dress and ribbons for these little ones. To make it more special these dolls also has a note attach onto their hands, it says "Adopted by (your name)". Isn't that cute? Can't wait to buy one of these.. I hope you guys buy them too.. ^^


Mouse In Chery Martini