Nov 10, 2012

My Beauty Secrets

Last week my mom bought me this new lotion that I've been craving for. And that is... Taaa daaa...  Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Honey Drops Body Cream. My mom exactly bought this for around Rp 300.000 I think. Well, the smell of this lotion is really good, it's a twist between green tea and honey, and I'm just in love with it (can you exactly fall in love with a lotion??). I like how the smooth texture of my skin after I using it. 

I use this cream everyday after shower and it will gives the smooth baby skins texture. So it is a MUST product every woman should have.


Now let us go to the other topics and it's still about beauty products. Everyone always asks me about my secrets to keep my face smooth like a baby. Well girls take out your note because I'm going to tell you my secret. I never use any skin products to keep my face smooth, I only use PIGEON baby cream every night, and every morning I use BIOTHERM white D-Tox. So I don't use any kinds of that BB cream, Botox, etc.

This is my bare skin, no edit require

I use this face cream twice a day  



  2. Km ngasik aq harapan palsu.. =.=

  3. kulitmu muluuus bgt, huaaa >_<

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