Nov 22, 2012

Cute School Girl

Today OOTD is going to be "School Girl", I picked this theme because I was thinking about how cute are the uniforms there in Japan. So I'm trying to make my own version of the uniforms there. What do you think? Cute or Nay?? ^^
Tank Top - Guess
Vest - Next
Skirt - Rinascimento

 Bracelet - unbranded

Shoes - Guess 

Me camwhoring. Hehe.

I guess you guys might be wondering what the hell is this girl talking about? What is that Rinascimento? So for you who never heard of this brand before well this is a brand that's made in Italy. It's kinda expensive exactly but it has a really cool clothing so it's worth the money. Try it, I guarantee you'll be coming back to buy more. ^^


I've seen my friend, Carolinelle, has posted about the cute ribbon that we bought in Daiso. So now it's my turn now to show off mine. *slapped*

See this ribbon? You wouldn't believe if I told you that it only cost me around IDR 22.000 or $2.5, isn't that very cheap? It's all because of Daiso Japan. I hope I can post an OOTD with this ribbon before the final test next week :S *finger cross*, also I'm going to post about the goodies bag from DIOR, YSL, etc, and also I'm going to do an OOTD again featuring my mom's vintage Versace clutch that she gave to me yesterday. So I hope I can post all of this this week.

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