Nov 20, 2012

Review : Anna Sui Lip Gloss Sui Brillant A Levres #305

Finding the right lip gloss for me is kinda hard exactly. I need to find the perfect packaging and also the quality. Today I'm going to review Anna Sui Lip Gloss Sui Brillant A Levres #305.

I was searching one day for a new cute lip gloss and I found this one in SOGO. The price for this lip gloss is around $30, so it's kinda pricey. My heart beats faster when I saw the cute packaging (well I love all of the cute products of Anna Sui anyway). So that's why I bought this one. Hehehe.

Anna Sui has always known for the cute bottles and quality of course. I don't know why, but I've always been a big fan of her products.



this is the colour of the lip gloss, a little bit pinkish just as I want it too.

  • has a perfect soft red pink colour
  • it also contains glitters so it will makes your lips sparkle
  • it has the lowest price from any other Anna Sui products
  • has a smoothing and moisturising effect to lips
  • plumps up your lips

  • it's to thick and also very sticky
  • it has no scent 


Maybe. I'm still considering it. Cause it has no scent of anything so it doesn't makes my interest

This product is perfect for women who's going out to a party. You only need to apply this lip gloss without any lipsticks underneath it. It's easy to carry around because of the small bottles and easy to apply. It's also cheap because it's the lowest price from Anna Sui products (who could say no to that?).


Next time I'm going to post about fashion and also more beauty products that I got from my goodie bags from YSL, Dior, and Lancome. Have a nice day.. ^^

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