Nov 24, 2012

Kawaii me ♥

So today I'm going to featured the big ribbon that I bought with Carolinelle last week. I'm going to dress like a cute little Japanese girl. Hehe. I don't need to do much because I am already cute by nature. *slapped*

 Tank Top - Zara
Tops - Zara TRF
Shorts - Marciano
Shoes - Steve Madden
Ribbons - Daiso Japan

 Me and my Polaroid. Just love it.

 Look at me and Scrump, we have the same pink ribbon on our hair.

I really want to lose my weight and bring it down from 54 kg - 45 kg. I have to work really hard to get there. No more cookies or cream puffs just exercise and cycling. Wish me luck. So today is Saturday but I'm not going anywhere today cause I have final exams on Monday and I'm not ready yet. What should I do? Well, I know I won't cheat because that's a bad thing to do. Maybe I will study all day long with a help from little Scrump and also the help of my BF.

Me and Ian at Top Noodle Tunjungan Plaza

So for all of you who doesn't know my BF, this is Ian (that's he's nickname of course). He's my number 1 supporter and the greatest BF in the world. There's no words can describe my feelings toward him and today is our 16 months anniversary. Yeeeyyy.. ^^ *applause*  I'm glad that he's my BF because we've been BFF for around 3 years and now we're GF and BF. Hehe.


So I've promised you guys that I'm going to post about the goodie bags I got from Lancome, Dior, and YSL. It's a good thing I wrote that down cause I'm a forgetful person, so it's great to have a good blog's notebook.

 Dior make up bag

All of the gifts side by side. So many of them, don't know where to start.

I got all these gifts for free because my mom loves to buy make ups, skin cares, etc. So she always get a lots of gifts for free even if she only buy one product (well it costs up to IDR 1.000.000). The staffs in SOGO Tunjungan Plaza are all so nice so they always gives me a tester of a new product (the benefits of having a shopaholic mom). Some of this products are skincare for woman 30+, so my mom keeps most of it, and I kept the lipgloss from YSL, under eyes black circle removal and lipgloss from Dior, UV expert face sun screen from Lancome. 


  1. Totemo kawaii~~ (>_<") I love ribbon.
    It looks so good on you ;) x


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