May 11, 2013

Review : YSL Rouge Personnel Lipstick #29

SO.... This is the new lipstick from YSL and that is... Tadaaaaa...... YSL Rouge Personnel Lipstick #29. This lipstick is still new, I think it was launched around May 2013 if I'm not wrong. But I didn't buy this because my sister bought it and she didn't like the colour so I decide to just take it. If not she'll throw it in the trash like the others. =.= So as you can see from this picture there's a different from the usual picture I took, that's right because now I added a background so it wouldn't look so plain and boring. Anyway my blog is going to get a makeover soon. SO it's a good time to start changing everything to get a new fresh start.. ^^

Sorry for the bad resolution so hard to get the words to looked clear.

 ❤ Pretty packaging
Love the super simple packaging of this lipstick <3 It's just simple, so it looks clean, and it looks pretty on my make up drawer. I've always been a big fan of YSL lipstick packaging because it's always unique every time they launch a new lipstick. ^^

I really really love the top of this lipstick. It's black, so it looks really clean, shiny, and also you can also use it as a mirror also. Because it's like a black mirror, so convenient. Also the colour of the packaging is according to the colour of the lipstick inside of it, so it's easy to spot your fave lipstick colour if you have more than one of this baby!

Hell no to CRACK..!
One thing I hates it's a crack lips. Uhhh.. I just can't stand seeing the surface of lips cracks like an open egg. Well this lipstick emphasizes the cracks on your lips! Can you believe that?! I must admit that this is an expensive lipstick but you what it emphasizes the cracks on my lips and also it doesn't moisturise my lips too. That's really too bad for a named brand to have a lipstick like that. WTH?!

❤ Flirty colour

Super love the colour results of this lipstick. I don't know why my sister didn't love this colour because this colour is so me.. It's flirty, young, fresh, LOVE LOVE LOVE. I mean what kind of guys wouldn't want to see a girl use this kind of colour on their lips? Because I know my BF would love to see me in it. I guess this colour is just perfect for teens like me and also for women on their 20s and early 30s. Because it's so young looking colour.

One strike is not enough

Urrgghh.. This is what annoys me the most. I needed at least three strikes to achieve this colour. Because one strike is just not enough, it's too light and almost not seen by mere eyes. But after two strikes the colour started to show. So the third strike is to make it perfect and more like a show stopper. But the good thing is that this colour stays this way (it doesn't change even if you've applied it for 2 hours).

4 / 5

Will I repurchase this lipstick? Well maybe I'll buy it but maybe I'll try that's much more cheaper and much more better. Because I think this time YSL doesn't create this lipstick as good as it should be. I'd rather to buy another Dior Lipstick if there's any other colour I love. But overall it's just enough to be a good lipstick at this rate.


  1. warnanya bagus yah, tapi mungkin beda warna bibir beda hasil kali yah.

    Hei ada saran nih sist, seperti katamu, daripada barang-barang itu dibuang oleh kakak kamu kalo dia gak suka, sayang banget X(. Gimana kalo kamu selamatkan n kamu adain Giveaway Preloved, banyak lho yang mau Adopt mereka :D, daripada terbuang begitu saja. Xoxoxoo.

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    1. Okay dech sis. Thx bget buat sarannya^^


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