May 7, 2013

Let Me Take You To Wonderland [Sweet 17 Edition]

Can you guess what's my theme? That's right it's............................

I'm obsessed with Alice In Wonderland since I was little and determined to make my sweet 17 party to be the greatest party in Wonderland. Guess now I'll show you my pre-sweet.

My pre-sweet was taken in Empire Place. Love every single photos of it. My party was held on 16 February  2013 so it's on my birthday or maybe UNBIRTHDAY. I've taken the title UNBIRTHDAY PARTY IN WONDERLAND from Alice In Wonderland movie. Where the Hatter held his tea party to celebrate his unbirthday party (yes, they're all MAD but not too worry I'm not "mad" yet..)

The Tea Party is about too start......

 With my Polo 

Sang "Once Upon A December", a Disney song from Anastasia. With my polo team dancing..^^

Ended the party with Disco Time.

I actually have around 800 photos from my party but it's too much to put on 1 post so I guess these are enough ^^

Photograph by D'Foto Stephan Wu
Organized by Excited Production
Decoration by Princess Decoration
Dress Designer by Vella (me) 


  1. So Sweet ^_^
    Happy Birthday Vella (walaupun telat) hehe

  2. Happy birthday vella! ^__^
    Acaranya meriah banget ^w^

  3. Blast party!! Happy sweet seventeen~

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