May 4, 2013

Review : Kiehl's Lip Balm #1

I've just read some of the comments from my last post about my Giveaway and I told y'all to write me a suggestion about what do you think about this blog and I guess one comment stands out is that I need to improve my review post. I know that I used to be really detailed about it but now I starts to get too lazy to write about it. I don't know what f*ck is wrong with me. I guess it's because of the school works or maybe relationship ups and downs I guess.

 A closer look on the lip balm tube

So today I'm going to do a review on Kiehl's Lip Balm #1. I don't know what's the big fuss about Kiehl's and until now I still don't know what's the great thing about their products *honest words* . But good thing is that I've gain my strength back so I'm going to do this review to be as interesting as it could be. (I hope so)

 The price is too expensive
First impression after trying this NOT WORTH THE PRICE and it's really is. If you read the customer's review on some online shop they do think the same thing with me and that's the price is too high for that lip balm. Because honestly the quality or maybe the results of this product is not as good as the price.

 The tube is kinda cute *LOL*
I don't know why I say this but the first thing that caught my eyes is the tube or the packaging of this lip balm. For me it's kinda unique, different, creative and LOL. Honestly it looks like the packaging of a tooth paste but in a smaller version. It's still kinda cute though. ^^ but still it's really hard to apply it to my lips because of tooth paste like packaging.

 The smell is unbearable X.x
This weird lip balm is exactly comes in original or scented versions. But I only have the original version because that's the only thing they have in SOGO. And as you guess it the scent is awful, it has like a scent of an oily taste or some sorts it's just EWWWW... *fainted*

❤ The texture of this lip balm
What I love about this lip balm is I think the texture of it. It stays on my lips after I apply it and also it sinks or absorbs onto my lips unlike other lip balm which just rub off easily in a second. However I feel that this balm encourages my lips to peel. But not in a bad way of course, it kind of lift up all the dead skin on my lips, so it's perfect to use this before and after you use a lip scrubs.

3.5 / 5

I thought that this lip balm would be much much much more better than this because for me it doesn't really work or maybe it doesn't fits for me. So now this lip balm stays in my make up drawer because I rarely use it maybe I'll give it to my sister's nanny. Hehe.


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