May 2, 2013

Review : Body Shop Soft Hand Kind Heart

Maybe some of may have heard this product or maybe haven't heard about it. But I've to admit that this hand lotion is the best hand lotion ever.. ^^ Because it has a soft texture but also have a similarity like a gel texture also so it's kinda thick but it's smooth. So I'm kinda in love with the texture of this lotion. LOVE LOVE LOVE... <3

A closer look of the package

There's another thing that's interesting from this lotion is that 100% of the net proceeds go to our global partner charity, ECPAT, to combat and raise awareness of sex trafficking of children and young people. So it's kinda great to know that everytime we purchase this lotion we exactly also giving a donation to that charity. How nice is that? ^^

 Super secure cap-locks to guarantee no lotion spills out.

 Very easy to carry around every where we go in our make up pouch.

So for me this lotion is best for NORMAL skin. This lotion is not sticky at all once it's apply on our skin. Also the smell is very I don't know attractive I guess for me. I like it very much ^^ I would repurchase it again if it's still available on the store because it's great to know that the money is goes for a good cause.

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