May 6, 2013

Mad For These Little Naked Babies❤

Sonny Angel is the biggest hit or sensation now in every country where they're sold. Many people (including me) can't stand this cute little baby with an animal gear on their heads. It's just ADORKABLE ..

But some people also despise this cute little figures because they're naked. My friend Caroline is also one of the few people who doesn't adore this cute little babies. So that's why I want to make a special post for this little babies is to explain for those who haven't heard about these Angels doll and also I want to irritate my friend too.. Hope you're reading this mak. ^^

My collection of Sonny Angel. Warning : NOT FOR SALE!

I'm a sucker for these little babies figure you know. I love to collect everything that's cute to me and I guess Sonny Angel is also one of it. It was started just a month ago when these babies started to being sold in every online shop I know. So I asked my boyfriend to buy one for me (I bought the blind box one because there wasn't any open box yet) and I got my very first baby sheep. I call him Giorgio. I love giving names to my Sonny Angel. I guess to show them that each of them are special to me. So let me introduce you to my babies. Shall we? ^^

This is Giorgio the sheep also my FIRST Sonny Angel

Cameron the Peacock

 Felipe the Japanese Ginger from the Vegetables Series

Nat-Nat the Pig (My favourite because pig is my Zodiac and I named it after my BF)

Brownie the Uribou (Uribou in Japanese means baby boar)

 Kip the Mouse

Peaches the Peach from Fruit Series

Willie the Elephant

 Corey the Blowfish

 Lynn the Seahorse

Luca the Rabbit

So that's everyone. ^^ I love collecting these little babies, I also gives them a bath every 1 week to rub off that rubber smell from the factory. I'm in LOVE with every one of these, They have a special place in my heart.

Lynn's butt (so adorable) 

Now about Sonny Angel, they're also known as the ghost of a dead doll or so they say. Because of their little angel's wing on their back. These little figures are 8 cm high, not including their headgear though which was moulded on. Many people use these babies as an object in photography but also as a decoration too or maybe as a collection (like me). There are 4 version from the animal series, 1 marine series, 1 vegetable series, and also 1 fruit series. Each series has 12 different kinds of Sonny Angel + 1 secret (it's very RARE). Until now I still haven't got my hands on any of the secret Sonny Angel *sobbed*. 

 Trying to act like the people in Avatar I guess ^^

 Brownie and Lynn wants to eat that ice cream.. So cute

The boys are playing hide and seek

As you can see that Sonny Angels are perfect to be an object for a photography (for those who loves it) and also it's perfect for collectors too.. It's so fun to collect and take pictures of these little guys. ^^

For those who wants to ADOPT these little guys. Please contact :
081330397577 / 087855031393 (sms only)
Line : vellafebriani
email :


  1. aaaaand the title of this post got me opening it. SERIOUSLY THE PICTURES YOU TOOK UNDER THE DOWNLIGHT IS EFFING SCARY ASDFGHJK;!@#$%^&**(~

    1. Hope you LOVE it mak.. I made this post dedicated to you. ^^


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