May 22, 2013

Review : Harajuku Lovers "Wicked Style" Perfume

I guess this perfume is already launched about 2 years ago in 2011 if I'm not wrong. But I got this perfume just last year when I went to Singapore. So this perfume was launched on Autumn 2011 by Gwen Stefani and I think she called it "Wicked Style" because she wanted to show her dedication to Tokyo's wild fashion. Wow. Can't argue with that can't we?

Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style Music is a floral woody fragrance with apple notes, juicy fruits, bergamot, jasmine, gardenia, fuchsia, peony, cedar, musk, and amber. This one is inspired by the Japanese rock musicians and eccentric style with bright make up and colourful clothes. The nose behind this little girl is Adriana Medina.

❤ The Uber Cute Hot Pink Box

Descriptions of the mascot "Music"

Super love the cute hot pink box from this fragrance, it actually comes in different colour for each perfumes. So there's a yellow one and I think there's also the red one. Hmmm... I forgot about that. Anyway I think this box is great for those who loves collecting cute stuff and also it has all of the description for this perfume. Talk about cute and full of information. ^^

❤ Collectable Bottle
This edgy perfume also known as the super cute bottle. It's inspired by the Japanese girls of Harajuku and it comes in different bottles too.. So cute.. So perfect to be collected and be put on my make up table.

So you can also collect the figure only if you think that the bottle is not important. You can just pull it off and make it as a decor in your room .. PERFECT~

❤ The Smell Is Addictive 
The first time I sprayed this perfume on, all I can think about is fruits. That's right the smell is so fruity with a blend of flowery scents. It's fresh, playful, and so perfect for Summer. Which reminds me that Summer is just around the corner. So I guess I should be wearing this perfume anywhere I go now.. Hehe

✖ Last Long? Nope.. :(
That's right girls this little cutie here doesn't last that long. I've sprayed mine just 4 hours ago and I can't smell the scent any more. Which means I need to carry this anywhere I go if I want to smell good all the time. So not practical.

✖ Need More Perfume? 
This perfume is the large one. There's actually the smaller size but I bought the biggest one. You know what this contains too little perfume for a large size bottle. Also the price is so expensive that I think I will be using this little by little from now on. :(

3 / 5

Maybe I won't be buying this anymore because it's so expensive and also there are a lots of better and cheaper brands of perfume I can get. But the smell though is really good and addictive makes me want more. My BF also said that the smell is very fresh and so perfect for the fun flirty type of girls.


  1. Gyaa, V-kei! Packaging nya super cute <3
    bener2 pas dijadikan koleksi ya.. ^///^

    1. Hahahaha.. Emank CUTE banget!! Cocok buat di jadiin koleksi <3

  2. Woahh, it's coincidence but I have the headset from the same "brand"! There are four types of girls right~? I forgot what is mine because I left it on Jogja XDD
    So nice, thanks for the review~

    1. I know I have one too. Mine is the newest one so it comes with the head in mini size and a clip behind it. So you can put it on your headset as an accessories. But it's broken now T.T


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