May 4, 2013

April Why U Got Me Broke?! [Haul Edition]

Wow.. I've never post any haul since December I think. But not too worry because I'm back better than ever. So today I'm going to post a haul which includes fashion and also a touch of beauty products.

 From left to right : Paul Frank T-shirt, Zara Lips tee and girls mumbling tee

 Zara all the way

I guess you can also call this haul a ZARA Haul because I bought a lot of ZARA clothing in Singapore and also in Surabaya. I also can't resist to buy a Paul Frank T-shirt (FINALLY!!). I also bought a Paul Frank Tee for my boyfriend, Ian, too.. ^^ It's so cute that we have couple T-shirts of Paul Frank. *cheer*

 Zara shorts. Love the chess pattern short so much it goes great with a simple T-shirt 

 Bershka jumpsuit 

Zara yellow and rabbit pattern scarf. Ribbon pattern scarf from Bershka

Bershka nude spike sneakers

Cute fluffy socks from DAISO

I have to admit that I love this socks at the very first sight I lay my eyes on it. It's so cute, so fluffy, the colour reminds me of cotton candy. It makes me wanna to eat it. I found out about this socks from Cheesie's blog, she actually bought the cute socks with a rabbit on it. So cute and it made me want to buy it immediately. I was lucky enough I went to Singapore and got a chance to buy a few of this. I just grabbed every colour they have for this socks. So cute..

 From up to down : ASOS skull bracelet, BCBG Generation "Amor" bracelet, Accessorize London bracelet

All from Accessorize

I guess we've finish with the fashion haul section now onto the beauty section of the haul.. Off we go...

 Majolica Majorca lip gloss and Loreal Paris lip gloss

 Justin Bieber's Girlfriend perfume..!! <3

Ciate nail polish

I bought another Majolica Majorca lip gloss and it was on sale too. So I think it was the perfect excuse to buy it. Also my nice boyfriend bought this superb lip gloss from Loreal Paris which I've been wanting for months now and I finally have it *jumping around*. I think the most important stuff on this haul is the Justin Bieber's Girlfriend perfume. Love it so much ^^ I was surprise to find it kinda cheap though, I got it for $70 in Sephora. I maybe lost $70 at least I brought home something from my favourite idol. And the last one on this haul is Ciate nail polish. I bought this because I love the colour reminds me of Tiffany's blue colour or some sorts. I've always wandered why is Ciate is so expensive (much more expensive than OPI) and I've finally found out after I tried it on. The colour is perfect even on my first attempt. It is PERFECT~

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