Jan 27, 2013

Tokyo Banana

My sister just sent me a box of Tokyo Banana. For those who doesn't know what it is, it's exactly a bread fill with banana cream made from Japan. I'm so happy that Japan has invented Tokyo Banana because it's so delicious and it also has a soft and creamy texture *yummy*

Really love the logo of it, it's so cute with the ribbon and also the animal pattern. I can't resist it..!! >.<" mine is the chocolate banana cream filling. Every box contains 8 Tokyo Banana and it costs around IDR 380.000. But it's totally FREE for me because my sister is the who sells it. Hehehe. The benefits of having an older sister.


Beside food my giveaway prizes has arrived. *cheer* For you who doesn't know, I've won a giveaway hosted by Helena. And there's another good news I've won the first prize. So this is the first time I've won a giveaway. I must admit I forgot that I have entered a giveaway because of my lack of memories. 

I think I'm not going to school tomorrow because I'm really sick right now. I have fever and also a bad headache. It's killing me slowly..!! Would someone just give me a working medicine to get rid of it. =.=


  1. congratz for the prize! ouchhh :( u should drink more water n take a rest.. get well soon Vella :)

    1. Okay I'll do that.. Thank you... XD

  2. lucu banget tokyo banana nya >.<
    ada leopard nya haha xD

    congrats.. ^^
    get well soon yaa :D

    1. Emank lucu yaaa..? Hahaha

      Thank you so much >.<

  3. lucu banget. ini bisa dimakan?? xD

    visit my blog ^^

  4. Lucu bangeeet tokyo banananyaa :))
    Get well soon dear & congrats for winning the giveawayy! :D
    Gbu :D

  5. nampak yummy itu tokyo banana.. XD
    lucu gitu, totol2.. hahaha..

    btw, selamat yah udah menang giveaway.. :D


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