Jan 12, 2013

P.O.P !

So it's already back to school I guess that's why yesterday I went to Nailpia not because it's already school days but it's time for me to get my daiily mani-padi (per 2 weeks). Yesterday I went there with Susan, my BF Ian, Susan's "BF" Udin, and Dailywin. It was really fun spending times with friends, I guess I never really hang out with my friend this much like I spend my times with these guys. So I'm glad to found friends like them.

So I got my daily mani-padi and I had to removed all of my gel nail polish on my nails so I won't get in a lot of trouble at school. 

Tank Top - ZARA | Jumper - Perme | Shorts - Celine | Sandals - Nine West | Bag - Emily The Strange | Bracelets - Hongkong 

Because this blog is a Fashion & Beauty blog, I have to corporate both of them in every post sometimes and it's hard. So beside that let us talk about the outfits, yesterday I wore an all black outfits but with a POP of colour yellow to brighten it all up. This shorts also my favourite one because the fabric is so comfortable, it's from a famous brand that all of you must know and it's Celine. I always wears sandals when I'm going to get a mani-padi because of the nail polish on my feet. I wouldn't want it to get damaged too you know. 

Left : Udin & Right : Dailywin (Candid Shot)

We also went to Bakerzin after we ate at Lao Pan and sadly now I get a prawn poisoning. Zzzz... But at least I had a good time and also I got a lot of make ups from my BF. XD Yesterday me and my BF went to go shopping for a shirt for my BF to wear to my sweet 17 party. We found a lot of cool shirts and Tees. *cheer*

Also my BF gave me all of these 3 make ups, which contains 2 lipsticks and 1 lash sparkles. I got 2 lipsticks from MENARD and 1 lash sparkles from Givenchy. Love it so much.........\^^/


  1. ur BF is so generous.. n he support u about makeup.. so different with my BF.. my BF doesn't want me to use any make up :( he wants me to be natural..

    1. Honestly usually my BF is the one who gives me fashion and beauty advice. everytime we go out he usually the one who chose my outfit and it always ends up really pretty.. ^^ I'm glad I got him as a BF. :)))

    2. wow.. sounds nice! hope my BF will concern about make up soon.. :)


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