Jan 8, 2013

Review : Givenchy Prisme Libre #1 Light Pastel

This is my second post today and I'm to post a review of Givenchy loose powder. Mine is the prisme libre #1 which is the light pastel. I guess it's my ultimate powder cause it instantly brighten my skin. It's a light pastel colour with a pinch of glitter, so this colour is a natural colour for my skin colour.

Photo credit : Google

I have to take a photo from google cause as you can see the powder is not really shown on my skin. I think it's because my skin is too white. 

  • This colour is perfect for light skin people cause it can hide the redness from the skin because of the green pearly powder
  • It last for around 7 - 8 hours
  • It has an ultra soft textures, extremely fine, and transculent thanks to 2 of the unique ingredients
  • If have a dry skin, flaky skin, it will only make it more noticeable
  • It has an odd smell but it'll gone after a few minutes
10 / 10

Definitely YES. This is my true loose powder, it's perfect for my skin tone, it's just perfect.

I really love the brightening effects from it. Also I love the 4 colours powder where each has it owns effects. This powder also looks stunning on a pale skin tone. I've heard that this product is discontinued in Spain, because there aren't a lot of people with pale skin in Spain. Overall this product brightens and also gives you glow without being too dramatic. So I would recommend this powder for all who has a pale skin tone.


  1. Looks suitbale for ur skin ^^
    Packaging luarnya unikkk

    1. Hahahah. Thank you hun *wink*

      Unik pol.. Suka sama packagingnya drpd bedaknya. Hahahahaha

  2. packagingnya sukaaaa... powdernya keknya maknyus tuh...

    1. Memang~!! Tapi aq ga suka baunya xg sementara itu.. =.=


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