Jan 13, 2013

What's In It?? :S

So lot's of my friends are wondering what's in my bag when I go out because I always have everything I need in it. That's today I'm going to post about everything I have in my bag. So excited to show y'all what's in it.. ^^

As you can see here this is my COACH's handbag which I bought from Macau and you can also see that I got a new fonts on my photo. *cheer* That's because I've download a lot of new fonts so I could customize all of my writing on my photos.


If you're wondering why do I need a big wallet well it's because I have a lot of member cards from stores and I love to cherish my photos in it too..

Me and my nephew Angelo

 Inside my make up pouch

I hope everyone are satisfied of this post because I done it in a last minute because my BF told me to post about it ASAP. The reason I'm carrying a lot of these stuff is because you never know when you'll need a tissue or a mirror etc. So that's why it's important to always keep your important stuff in your bag. The most important stuff for me in my bag is exactly my tissues because I don't like to use the tissues in public bathroom because you don't know if it's 100% clean, so it's more safe to bring my own. Hehe.


  1. yap! I also always bring my tissue, wet tissue, mirror, and hand sanitizer (beside wallet and other stuffs)

    thanks for posting this ^^

    1. Hahaha. We're the same.. XD

      Your Welcome

  2. your bag is so cute! i'm thinking of bringing wet tissues with me now too because it's true, you never know when you'll need them c: new follower! hope you can check out my blog ^_^


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