Jan 10, 2013

My Biggest Birthday Wish

My birthday it's only a month to go, so there's nothing wrong about making a list of my birthday wish right? But instead of making a very long wish, I only going to write 1 thing that I really really want this year for my sweet 17 birthday. And that is....................................*drum roll*

That's right a cute, innocence, super adork-able Pomeranian puppy..! *woof* Guess this year these little guys got my attention really bad. It's a good thing that my mom has allowed me to keep a dog, BUT.. my BF won't get it for me this year because he has spent IDR 5.000.000 for my presents, my mom already has a present for me. So I'm just hoping someone will give me one of these cutie-pie.. Really want it so bad..!! Can't stop thinking about it :S I'm obsessed about dogs right now. I know my sisters and brothers won't get me these cute puppies cause they already have their own presents too (again). I'm just hoping SOMEONE would get me one this. Pleaseeeeeeeee I want it so bad............. :'(((( Hope someone hears my heart crying *slapped* So that'll be my birthday wish only 1 this year cause I want it badly...!! Hope I get it.. ;) *finger cross*


  1. Yaaay! Cute abis anjing POM!! Aku juga suka ma anjing!! Tapi aku lebih suka siberian husky! Cuteeeee bangett >"<

    1. Kalo aq no. 1 slalu pom bru k2 Husky.. >.<"

  2. ihh aq juga sukanya pom ama husky <3 pinginnya juga punya anjing tp ga boleh ama ortu soalnya udh banyak kucing >_<
    semoga ya kamu dapet anjing. ato minta papa beliin? xD

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    1. Aq sih juga punya byk kucing ada 40 ekor... ;D Tp akhirnya blh beli anjing.. X3

      mslh'e pamaq udah punya kado sendiri jd ga mw bli'in anjing.. :'( Smoga tmenq ada xg ngasik.. XD


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