Jun 15, 2013

Review : FAFI for MAC Fun 'n' Sexy Lipstick

Summer is finally here all right. I've been waiting for this for a long time. It's time to put your drinks up and party on galz!!! Of course holiday is also here, my favourite word of all time "HOLIDAY". So because it's summer and all MAC is launching their new product, FAFI for MAC. It's a limited edition one and the packaging is designed by French artist Fafi. The collection consists of an array vibrant color, bold shades that'll be sure to please all make up adventurer. So I got mine from my sister because she bought it and didn't like it because of the vibrant colour because it's too tacky. Well I've guess, so that's why I volunteered myself to have this lipstick because of the bold colour of course!

❤ Cute Packing

I'm a fan of all MAC's lipsticks packaging. It's super cute, looks like a bullet. A black shiny bullet all right. Especially in this collection it has a cute drawing on the bottom of it with Fifa's signature. It's great to be collected after I've done with it.

PARTY ANIMAL + Lots of Advantages! Wohooo!

So as you can see here, mine is the FUN 'N' SEXY series. The colour is very vibrant-bold-hot pink colour. So like a party animal because it's a really fun colour to look at.

It's a bright pop of pink with a touch of purple on it. It looks very bright when it's in the tube but after you apply it, it just looks like a normal pink colour with glitters (so not like the colour when it's in the tube). The texture of it is amazing, it glides smoothly on my lips very well, and it's creamy too. Also it's very surprisingly moisturising, unlike other lipsticks. But you know what, I was hoping that it was more bold and vibrant when I apply it. So I guess that's a bummer.

Different Results For Each Swipes!
So if you swipe this lipstick one time you can actually get a pretty shimmery glitter pink color for those girly girls. And if you swipe it twice you can actually get the sexy fuschia with tons of sparkle! I think this colour is very very great for summer. But for me I like to swipe 3 times just to let the vibrant color to show more. And I want to apologize because I don't have the picture of it >.<" Very sorry to dissapoint you guys.

It's a Limited Edition, Bummer T.T
It really is a bummer because it's a limited edition series. So if I ran out of this I can't buy more because it would have sold out. So that's why I'm going to buy the other color just to be safe. Hehe.

5 / 5

For this time this is my favourite lipstick for Summer. It's just fun, vibrant, and so me.. I love the bold colour although I need to swipe it more than twice to achieve the color I want. And also because it's limited edition I need to be careful on using it so I don't runs out of it in just a month. Need to use it for emergency only ^^


So because this is my school holiday and also because it's SUMMER. Next week on Friday, I'll be going to Hong Kong for 6 days 5 nights and then I'll go to Singapore for 3 days 2 nights. At Hong Kong I'll be staying at where all dreams comes true. Can you guess what it is?? That's right guys I'll be staying at HK Disneyland!!! *cheers* Can't wait to go back to Disneyland and take a lots of pictures. (Camwhore paradise).. At Singapore I'll be staying at Mandarin hotel on Orchard Street. So I'll be gone from 21 - 29 June. I'll post everything I do during my absent. Happy Holiday guys~! ^^

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