About Me

I'm only a 16 years old girl who is still growing up, who has a great loving family, and exciting friends. I'm a normal, down to earth girl, who doesn't really follow the trend of fashion (really). I just dress up myself the way I want without anyone helps. I'm a honest girl who can't lie (even if I wanted to) so I'll tell anyone really anyone the truth and only the truth. I'm not patient but I'm a hilarious girl that can't keep her mouth shut for a second. I'm just a normal girl who love fashion and her friends so much..

I think I'm the only girl in this world who really loves her self so much and adore her self also. But I'm still a loving care person (don't think I'm not please...>.<"), but I'm mostly kind to other people who are kind to me. I hate people who doesn't understand the real me so please be nice because sometimes I don't really understands others.

Blogging has allow me to be myself for once, I can channel my inner interest and that's fashion. This  blog isn't just a fashion blog but also beauty blog.  I hope my blog has inspired a lot people and thank you for your time to read this..^^

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