Mar 11, 2013

Cat-Tastic Day

It has been a while since I've posted anything on my blog and I must I admit I kinda miss my blog and also my readers. I've been so busy with schools, birthday party, etc. So it's kinda hard to get a me time around here.

Kitty dress & clutch - ROMWE
Bracelet - Salvadore Feragamo
Heels - Nine West

Finally my package from ROMWE has arrived. It has been 2 months and I thought it was but what a surprise a nice postman delivered my package last week. I was so excited to finally see it and it was Puuuurrr....feeecccttt.... Now about the clothing, I match the LBD with a touch of red to pop up the colour so it wouldn't look like a simple black outfit.

 Closer look on the dress and clutch

My new bracelet from my sister


  1. Pretty dress and heels!
    You look so stunning :D

  2. cakep banget dress sama clutch nya ^^
    dua"nya cat xD
    lama banget yah tapi sampe 2 bulan ~~

    1. Iyaaa... Soale stuck di kantor pos indo nya. Ga di kirim" sm kantor pos nya. =.=

  3. Pretty Girl :D
    cluthnya OMG!! lucu banget hahha XD~
    keep writing ciayouu!!


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