Sep 22, 2012

My Old Style

This is some of my old photos I just found... And it's kinda my fave style cuz it's cozy, cool, trendy, etc..

Here is my old photo. So what I wore is a simple tank top, black vest, short skirt, polkadot leggings, and highheels sneakers by Penny love Kenny.. It's so chic, glamorous, you can use this style anywhere you go and it'll just looks amazing...

This is another of my top looks from the previous year (Daaahhh. cuz my hair used to be long). I bought this outfit from a department store in Hongkong. I got it for around 100 Hongkong Dollars, I think it was made in Japan by Liz Lisa. The sneakers here is from Skecher the Twinkle Toes edition, as for the bag is Betsey Johson with a Lipstick print.. <3 it

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