Sep 22, 2012

Animal Motives Sweater Is On the RAGE..!

Wow.. I would have never thought that these sweaters would be a BIG HIT right now...
It's on the runway of Fall, lots of celebs also wore these kind of sweaters. So I would reccomend buying one of these cuz' its cute and also fashionable (if you wear it the right way). But its not just animal motives that are a big hit, but also a regular basic sweaters are also a BIG HIT this season.
I will show you guys some pictures of celebs who actually wore these and how you can replicate their style..

1. Heather Graham's turtleneck sweater dress

Heather Graham is the woman who certainly knows how to wear sweaters. She can pull off a not-so-bulky sweater and compliment it with a wide belt or she can go right to the basic just this picture. Comfortable, Elegant, Chic what else would you expect from her..

Heather Graham's replica outfit for less

You can easily copy Heather's look with a simple turtleneck sweater dress and compliment it with a nude colour higheels, or you can also kick it up a notch and wear a knee high boots like on the picture. If you want to get this look on Winter, you can always wear a fitted tank under the sweater dress, thick tights , and knee high boots.

2. Charlize Theron's green knitted turtleneck sweater

Spotted shopping in London, Charlize Terron wearing a very stylish outfit - a green slouchy knitted sweater paired with skinny jeans, beige leather boots, and a white and brown hobo handbag. It's an effortless style, layback style as we call it. Layering the sweater with a long top and having it hems give a peek of some prints around the waist is very hip.                                  

                                 Charlize Theron´s Replica Outfit For Less
If  you decide to copy this look. Don't Forget to layer it with printed long top or an ultra mini-dress, in colour that complements the green colour. Wear your hair like a bun so it will bring the attention on your neck.

3. Gwen stefani's leopard print sweater

Even a casual outfit for a stroll in the park will always looks amazing if you wear it like Gwen Stefani. She gave the WOW factor and that is the leopard print sweater. This time she has paired it with a black jeggings, shawl done with europian classic fold ,and knee high leather boots. 

                                    Gwen Stefani's replica outfit for less

Wearing an animal print sweater is trendy and also fashionable, and like Gwen's you should tame this print by pairing it with a basic black jeggings, a white shawl, and leather boots. If you want you could always pair it with sunglasses and it will look amazing.

Which celebrity outfit inspires you to wear sweaters??
Enjoy Lil' Angels.. (*^_^*)

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