Oct 2, 2012

Lip Tattoos?!

Have you guys ever heard of lip tatoos?? It's so weird at first but after I tried it, it looks really cool. But of course you can't wear them when you're hanging out at the mall cause you will look like a freak at the mall. So I suggest wearing them at a special event only. I bought one of the lip tatoos at Violent Lips, they sell the best tatoos ever and really cool too.

                                                                         Click here
These tatoos includes glitter, animal patterns, etc. It's cheap too, but the results are 100% AWESOME. It's a shame that the store is just open in Singapore not in Indonesia, so I have to buy it when I'm at Singapore.


  1. Super cute blog<3 & I've tried the Violent Lips tattoos & I didn't really like them at all >,< They made my lips dry & if you don't do them "perfectly" you get rips, cracks & stretching T.T Oh well~

    Anyhow, have a good weekend~


    1. really?? thats so bad O_O the print is so cute

      visit my blog ^^

  2. Thank you so much for your comment. Yes I know thats the down side of this lips tattoos.. T.T

    And once again thanks so much.. XD


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